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    Here is the text of a new article I am finalizing to highlight the new features in .0.9.16. Please let me know anything that should be corrected or added. I hope to get this on the blog really quick. - Craig

    Preware Adds Palm Catalog, Tops 2,500 Offerings

    Preware now has over 2,500 Available Packages! That's right! After the new Preware update, you will be able to choose from over 2,500 applications, patches, themes, and now official Palm Apps for your Palm webOS Pre or Pixi.

    2,500! You might be asking, "How is that possible?" (Answers after the break!)

    Preware now includes content from Palm as well as PreCentral, PreThemer, WebOS-Internals, and others. There is no other Homebrew Installer that gives you all of that content. If you have set your Preware preferences all to "Yes" (except Show Other) you will see this amazing site:

    Say you want a 3-D game. You now have access to 220 games from Palm and another 70+ Homebrew games. In Preware, just tap Available Applications then Games to see them all! You can download games like Quake, SuperTux, Classic Invaders, DOOM!, Presteroids, Topple Maze, and Preopoly for free!

    While Preware does not offer the webOS "Type to Search" feature in the main menu like the Palm Catalog, Preware does offer a List of Everything that now really is a list of everything. The secret is to start typing in the List of Everything and the "Type to Search" will work. This upgrade also sports a new Upgrade All feature and a number of new features under the hood. Plus many more features are planned.

    If you don't yet have Preware, you can be in on the fun in a matter of minutes with the Preware Getting Started Guide. Apps are just one part of what is offered. Nearly 200 patches let you customize how your phone works. Themes let you customize your phone for your favorite brand, team, or color schemes.

    With so much new content, Preware can now now take over 70 seconds to load even on a fast WiFi connection. If you do not want to see the themes or Palm apps, click the Preware menu at the top-left then Manage Feeds. Then set the theme and Palm feeds to OFF. To see everything again, set all of the feeds back to ON.

    So much has improved that the Preware Guide needed an update too! All we can say is, "Wow!" Thank you WebOS Internals!
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    It looks good to me Milo, I also love the fact that when you open up Preware you can immediatley see what updates are available. Even though it's not an app exactly I think Preware is my favorite app.

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