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    I want to bring navit up on framebuffer. For that reason I am using gui="internal" and graphics="sdl" in navit.xml. Could anyone help?
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    Read my last post on this. There is a new EventHandler required for navit to run on webOS.
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    I want to run navit on fedora 9,but on the framebuffer. I do not want the map to open on x windows. Could you please help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobquest View Post

    I want to run navit on fedora 9,but on the framebuffer. I do not want the map to open on x windows. Could you please help?
    Nope, this is a forum for palm pre devices, not fedora, sorry.
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    Not me, but it seems that someone got it to work 23: 0.0.1 first navit palm pre shot webos - Pali Dhar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SebastianHa View Post
    Not me, but it seems that someone got it to work
    Nope. This is the very same image posted in this thread, taken by me. It doesn't work, it just displays the map, not the GUI.
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    Oh, sorry, did not find it in this thread.
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    Grmbl.. I just hoped that there is progress...
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    I tried since a couple of months to port navit to palm pre and got pretty quick to the stage where it started but was not responsive, and didn't get any further
    This week i had the idea to attach gdb and see what what is it actually doing.

    From that stack trace, i came across this thread. Thanks to you, debilater, and to cp15, I got the hint what is going wrong.

    So here it is: the navit running on Palm Pre, responsive, even got some OSD elements to work (zoom). Some menu elements don't show up well. This needs to be investigated. Also SVG and XPM files cannot be loaded on Pre. I will try with PNG files.

    The next big step is to get the GPS data. I put here the patch for the SDL graphics. Please note that the patched source will not work on other SDL platform than the pre, but for a 1st try it's ok ;-)
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    wow, sounds good,

    i always wanted a diffrent gps app on my pre,

    this might be it.

    looking forward to test the alph/beta version on the pre.
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    as I had some trouble today with my PNU tomtom device.. looking really forward to have some good navigation on my PRE. so if you need any tester.. willing to join the beta team...
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    Quote Originally Posted by binutzu View Post
    So here it is
    Great! I'll apply the patch this evening and see what it does Perhaps it might be a good idea for you to apply for a git account on webos-internals (ask rwhitby).

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    Nice! This would be awesome. You probably don't know it, but the standard Sprint employee accounts do not come with free Telenav (we have to pay $10/month for it). So you'd actually make a lot of Sprint employees happy if you got it working!
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    And all the uses in Europe that do not have a Navigation solution at all ...
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    right, here in Europe all I use to navigate is google maps so this would be awesome for all of us. I'd be a tester if needed.
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    Any new progress?
    Sry Im just so curious
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    well, sort of.

    I was trying to get GPS data by writing a vehicle plugin for webos. The idea is to start a luna-send process and pipe the output (coordinates) to navit, parse the json and deliver it to the plugin system. Quite messy, but at the time the only solution i could see. I got quite far with it, but...

    A few days ago Palm released the PDK and the luna-send idea seems obsolete because the PDK defines two functions to access the gps data: PDL_GetLocation and PDL_EnableLocationTracking.

    However, this functions are not on the device in the, webos 1.4 Currently I'm trying to get the libs from the PDK (desktop installation) to work with navit on the device.

    I will post the webos sdl & vehicle plugins patches as soon as i have something more stable.
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    Has anyone had success in building navit with the official PDK from Palm?
    I can compile the software but if I try to start it on the device it fails saying that 'graphics_sdl_new' can not register the 'glib' event system (don't remember the exact error message right now).
    I looked in the source and I guess he is trying to load a plugin named '' which does not exist. However, during the build there is a which is IIRC a static lib and therefor can not be loaded at runtime.

    Any hints?

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    Hi binutzu

    I still have to try your patch... was quite busy last weeks.

    For the GPS have you considered using dbus? Palm is providing some kind of interface (check dbus-monitor). I havn't looked deeper into it, but it looks promising.

    Kind regards,
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    using dbus-monitor I found that "GPS dashboard" does something like

    method call sender=:1.76 -> dest=com.palm.location path=/; interface=org.json; member=startTracking
    string "{"subscribe": true}"
    string "net.bradleygraber.gpsdashboard 1021"

    and then it get's returns like

    method return sender=:1.61 -> dest=:1.76 reply_serial=37
    string "{"errorCode":0,"timestamp":1.268427206311E12,"latitude":53.XXXXX,"longitude":9.XXXXX,"horizAccuracy ":150,"heading":0,"velocity":0,"altitude":0,"vertAccuracy":0}"

    so com.palm.location seems to be the dbus service to query for GPS data:
    Location Service €“ Palm Developer Center
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