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    You guys at webOS Internals are sick, disgustingly sick! I was browsing their github trying to see if doom had been updated recently when i stumbled upon a rather interesting addition, updated 8 hours before this topic was made, quake 3!

    If i were tech savy enough i'd get that git and compile the bugger to see what you guys are cooking up! This device is getting cooler and cooler every day i swear it!

    Go ahead guys, take a look! Git
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    Well i hope that it'll run well. would be cool to play on the phone and hopefully they can sort out multiplayer for it as well.
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    just compiled the current version... but i just get a black screen after the intro videos anyway shouldnt be that far away from a working version as the game is still running (you can hear the menu sounds).
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    This should probably run smoother than quake because of hardware acceleration. (?)
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    I see they have a gameboy sdl port in progress... why not nes?!!!!
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    what does this have to to with quake 3?
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    this post is about the guys at webOs internals porting quake 3 to the pre.

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