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    I dont have that much experience using SDL but while trying to port over a gameboy emulator, ive encountered an odd issue. I compiled sdlgnuboy and moved it to the root directory of my pre, and with any given rom, I can get the emulator to start. It outputs sound normally but im having a problem with the screen:

    when started, the screen is completely black with sound running in the background BUT when you zoom out to card view, you can see an outline of where the gameboy screen should be. When you reselect the card, the music stops (which probably means the game has stopped) but whenever you tap the screen where the gameboy window is, the ripple effect creates a view through the black temporarily so that you can see the gameboy game (which looks perfect ), almost as if there was a layer of black on top of the gameboy emulation...

    I was wondering if anyone working on Doom or Quake encountered this during their port process? Or if anyone knows what this could be caused by and how to fix it? ive been messing around with sdl.c of gnuboy's source but im not sure what would be causing this, weather its an overlay problem or what.

    Any help is greatly appreciated because i think im very close to a working native gameboy emu
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    Could it be set to the wrong resolution?
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    could what be? regardless, i dont think so. the way ive got it configured currently, the gameboy screen should be in a small square in the center of my pre's screen, which is where the outline is. The game is also definetally displaying properly behind the black... the way it is now is a completely black screen until you tap it, in which case the ripple effect from your tap lets you see through the black and therefore, lets you catch a glimpse of the gb rom.

    EDIT: ok ill eat my words, a simple density and then --vmode option got it to work >.<
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