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    Long story short (*) after doctoring my Pre w/the 1.3.5 WebOS doctor, Preware is still installed. I think this is because Preware is installed in the cryptofs which the newest doctor doesn't touch. The problem is this: Preware thinks that a whole bunch of stuff is installed that isn't. Most notably patches. After doctoring my phone, I should have no patches applied. But because Preware survived, it believes that I have 17 patches installed, which aren't. Emergency Patch Recovery doesn't allow me to uninstall any of them. I can't apply them because they're in the installed category. I can't uninstall them because the result in an error because the patches aren't actually installed.

    I'm currently in the process of doing a full erase of the device - which I presume will also erase the cryptofs.

    Am I doing something wrong? Was there a better way to fix this other than the full erase?

    (*) I was installing a patch in preware (4x4 icons v3) when right in the middle of the patching process, Luna decided to crash. After it came back up, I still had 3x3 icons on my launcher, but Preware thought that the patch was installed. I couldn't uninstall the patch b/c when I tried to do so, it resulted in errors.

    I tried Emergency Patch Recovery, but that also didn't uninstall the patch. So I put some other patches that I use back on and went about my business... until I got tired of not having 4x4 icons. So I decided to doctor my phone w/ the 1.3.5 doctor.
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    After doctoring with 1.3.5 the ipkg data is left because all the ipkg data is on the /media/internal partition that is untouched by doctoring since 1.3.1. The patch control dir is removed when doctoring so EPR will not work. You can remove all ipkg data via partial erase (but then you have to reinstall preware). Or you can remove only the patches via command line with:

    ipkg -o /media/cryptofs/apps remove *patches*

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