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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section and apols if this is just being stupid..

    I was wondering if it would be possible to run TomTom as a native linux app ? this is the only only thing I'm really missing from my iphone.

    Great work guy's btw.. kudo's to you all.. !!!

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    if tomtom is available as an sdl app, then yes.
    if tomtom is available as an opengl app then "soon."
    if tomtom is an "X" app, then no chance anytime soon.
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    Unless TomTom decides to do it, I don't see a kosher way for the homebrew community to get a copy of the app to port without making a lot of people at Tom Tom very unhappy.

    Now, Navit on the other hand, has an SDL interface, and is open source. Navit's Wiki

    That might be a better place to direct porting energy. (Though admittedly, you'll miss having Gary Busey and Yoda tell you where to go)

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