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    I know people will hate this but i used t9 on my old cell phone and i love it. i love the keyboard; but for just a quick easy text/reply i think that a virtual t9 keypad would be awesome like a smaller version of the phone app for messaging . Now i know people that hate t9 and i usually find out its because they do not know how to spell/text in slang/cut up words. its the same concept as having a vk in landscape its just easier more convenient now i mean this for quick texts and when your other hand is occupied.(excluding driving OK). . I dont know of any phone that has this option and i know of other people that would like it too. Don't flame me its just a thought what do you guys think? I dont even need to look at my keys to be able to type something in a keypad t9 format.
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    hate to be rude but if you do a quick forum search its been mentioned a good 10 times
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    yea i know i just thought i would put it in another location
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    but unnecessary posts just make it harder for people to get help and the people who would need to see your post ie the developers are looking in webos development bot webos internals

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