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    You all are so kind. Itīs difficult to be a Palmer in Spain as we donīt have this support in Spanish. Iīm starting to translate some of the advices, for people here. Thank you all.
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    Has development ceased on Quake? I was really hoping Multiplayer could have been implemented before everyone moved on to other projects...
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    Does anyone know how to fully remove Quake short of running the Doctor? I deleted it using the normal method and did not reclaim any space.

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    how do you look up?
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    How do you activate secret switches that are up high?that is ,if you can't raise your gun.
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    will the pixi get anything likethis?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Gee View Post
    How do you activate secret switches that are up high?that is ,if you can't raise your gun.
    In the original game, you usually had to "shoot" from a distance with a projectile and then rush to get there before it closes
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    Quote Originally Posted by MudShark22 View Post
    In the original game, you usually had to "shoot" from a distance with a projectile and then rush to get there before it closes
    even at a distance you cant get most of em.The pc game allowed you to look up and down.

    and in the options it has look keys in control customization
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    just change to options.i got it to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Gee View Post
    how do you look up?
    Either bind it to whatever you want, or if you use the touchscreen a lot you can switch the keyboard to normal mode ('@') and then a/z should work.
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    Sorry for asking something noobish but how do I unlock full game (all 4 episodes)
    Is it really $45 to purchase the licence, or if I already own the game can that be enough?

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    I am unable to update to anything past v1.1.0, no matter how I go about installing it. I have tried through preware from the feed, from webOS Quick Install, and even downloading the ipkg from the index and installing it with preware. Nothing seems to work! I am Highly confused as to why it won't work. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
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    How do you control this on the TouchPad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyebiter View Post
    How do you control this on the TouchPad?
    Bluetooth keyboard.

    -- Rod
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    What are the chances of the Touchpad update? I love Quake and play it still..I can't really get in this port currently because of the Pre centric controls. I I have a bluetooth keyboard and it is ok on there but not great. 90% of the time at home (laying down and such) I don't have it with me. Nice on screen controllers would be awesome (just the Gameloft FPS games).

    Thanks ahead of time....
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    another request for updated Touchpad version. You guys rock, and I imagine this would be very popular with us "firesalers"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Bluetooth keyboard.

    -- Rod
    That is a pity! i was hoping to use this as is on the touchpad...
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    Looks like you need to pair a keyboard to it to get the menu working, then the onscreen controls work after that. It's not exactly perfect, but it does play.
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    "top right" is bound to key code 13, which is jump (and enter), that should get you through the menus shouldnt it?

    Then you can use the builtin touch controls, which include shooting, moving, and jumping, but nothing else.

    So yeah, would be better with a keyboard, or if someone designs an overlay, would be fairly trivial to implement in the code.
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    seems like a cool game but I can't get it to work it plays itself

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