After reading several threads and seeing a few people having trouble finding the Emergency Patch Recovery tool.

I noticed several of the responses were people who could find it and were trying to help by directing them to helper threads and installation instructions.

While everyone wants to help, I knew that these suggestions would not only not help, but lead the OP's to frustration and dead ends, because I was having the same problem. I had tried all of the suggestions with no success.

Thanks to this answer from emoney_33 I found that the Package Manager Service had somehow installed at the last update incorrectly, and even though everything seemed normal when opening Preware, I was in fact never updating the feeds from WebOS-internals and could not see any of their files.

A hookup to WebOS Quick Installer and updating the Package Manager Service opened the correct feeds and voilą all the files were where they were supposed to be. I also installed the latest Preware.

I have some ideas why the original update buggered, but have nothing concrete. Files from other feeds updated fine, but I was stuck at Preware v9.10 and PMS v9.21. for the last few weeks.

The only way I could tell something was amiss was by looking at the feeds on the managing feeds tab of Preware. The webOS-internals just said 'feed' when all others had a path for the feeds.

Sorry to all for the lengthy post, but I hope this can help some others to find answers to their problems.