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    Hello, i'm new to the preware and have a couple of questions. I just installed preware on my Palm Pre WebOS 1.3.1 and i downloaded several patches like, vibrate on dialpad, percent in battery, virtual keyboard, landscape in messaging and email, vibrate in calculator,date where the time is..

    My questions is, if there is an update to the palm webOS software OTA do i need to remove all my patches before installing software? If so, do i just go to installed patches and click remove?

    sorry i'm a noob
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    oh and also, i turned off developer mode once i installed all the patches, do i need to turn it back on to remove patches and install patches..
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    You should remove patches before updating your WebOS version also you do not need to go into developer mode with Preware - so no, you do not need to turn it on at all if Preware is being used to add or remove patches.
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    sweet thanks man i appreciate the info, i've only had my phone for less than a week but i hope to catch up on the this stuff quicly ;-)

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