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    so anyone planning a ringtone shuffler for the pre.
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    no reply yet??
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    So every time the phone rings it plays a different ringtone? No thanks.
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    I think that is kind of a good idea as long it was done properly. Like now, be able to select a handful of Christmas songs that rotate through. I think selecting capabilities would have to be pretty good though.
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    yes i mean its something quite cool i know i might be told off for saying this but even the iphone has this type of program.
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    Hey, sorry to necro this thread but I figured it's better than starting a new one.

    This is something I'd absolutely love to see on the Pre. It exists on many other phones *coughiphonecough* and I had it on my old phone, and kind of miss it.
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    I contacted GX5, the company that made the ringtone shuffler for the treo, but they didn't get back to me. Which stinks, cause it was really hard to find their contact info for some reason.
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    You can do this by time intervals with Free Music Ringtones. Right now it is limited to ringtones downloaded with the app. I believe James plans to make a Pro version in the future that will shuffle ringtones already on phone or downloaded other ways.

    Check it out:
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    Nobody has done this yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazybirdman View Post
    Nobody has done this yet?
    Download Mode Switcher from Preware. You can set it up so your ringtone will change based on time of day or where you're located.

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