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    Hi Pilotovef!
    Please make sure there is only one folder "russian" (not 2 - russian inside russian) in the .themes folder... I had the same problem before I realize this.
    Good luck.
    Everything works!
    P.S. Ё should be ё in the lowercase section (theme_config.json).
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    Is there any possibility to use Virtual Russian Keyboard to search people in Contacts?
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    It works in universal search, if search started with a Capital letter
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    ugh... i dont know why but im having a difficult time with this i think im getting confused with all the folder within folder and different kb_konfig files everywhere...

    could someone PLZ post a full "virtual-keyboard" folder for a sprint pre

    thank you
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    I have a Pre2, about a month old, and a TouchPad WebOS 3.0 just got.
    I need a Russian keyboard for each, obviously virtual/soft for Pre2.
    The same for TouchPad unless someone know where to get a Blue Tooth one.
    I hear one for the iPad is supposed to work.
    However, a virtual touch keypad would be great.
    BTW I have no idea how to program either devices.
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    Here you can find the topic dedicated to TouchPad virtual keyboard with russian layout.
    As for Pre2, here you can find a patch
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