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    This is what just happened:
    My Pre went out of RAM, as I could only open like two programs at a time (happens every two weeks). Unfortunately I wanted to install the "close on hangup" patch, but it said "not enough memory" or sth like that and the installation went wrong. Now I have it listed in my installed patches, it doesnīt work and I canīt uninstall it either (epr doesnīt work either).
    The Log says:
    unreversed patch detected
    skipping patch
    errorgenericmethodexception: failure during pre-remove script execution

    I know itīs not a huuuge problem but it sucks having something there but itīs not really working...
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    open webos QI and go into tools, device management , look to the right where it say application installed look for the name of the patch in their first if its there uninstall, if not there look in the patches list and uninstall if that does not work you will need to use webos repair utility to find any messed up files in your phone
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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