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    I can't remove Timestamps- Fancy and 4x4 icons v2 (had v3 installed before 1.3.1 with no problems).

    Any way I can get these removed from the installed list so I will be able to re-install the Timestamp one?
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    Emergency Patch removal fixed this. Its early and I forgot about it
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    what is emergency patch remover? i have a bunch of patches i can't uninstall (i keep getting the Error Removing: See IPKG Log message). i'm actually just trying to update some; which i assume the updates will make them work in 1.3.1?
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    If you have patches that are not uninstalling run EPR from preware. If will take care of them for you. Or it should. I had 2 patches that would not uninstall when they new updates came out a day later. So I ran EPR a 2nd time. Then they installed like a charm! Hope this helps!

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    Go into preware, look under List of Everything, and select Emergency patch Repair. it removes all your patches in one shot.

    HOWEVER, PLEASE REBOOT AFTER (orange, SYM, and R at the same time). If you dont reboot, you will never see the changes.
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    awesome thanks guys!
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    Thanx this helped

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