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    I sure hope we don't have to do anything when the next (?1.3.5) WebOS upgrade comes
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    What is using up so much space under /var? My /var used is reported at 99MB, while app used is only 17MB on /var. I have already moved my email, and some apps, but the remaining are under 1MB each. What other files can be deleted/cleaned out from /var?
    Are there any utilities that cleanup touchpaneldump, tmp, lost+found, cache, downloads, kernelpanics, or other objects in /var?

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    ^Could you paste the results of the diag? Are you using mvapp 0.3.6? It checks for other known /var storage trouble areas.

    If familiar with Linux, do an iterative search through /var...

    du -s /var/* |sort -n

    cd (into largest dir)

    Loop du/cd commands until you find something rather large that mvapp isn't finding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    I sure hope we don't have to do anything when the next (?1.3.5) WebOS upgrade comes
    If 1.3.5 interferes with mvapp links, we'll likely have a fix before or very shortly after the update is released.

    Palm is very aware of mvapp, so hopefully they'll address the issue w/out interfering. If an OS update does interfere, we'll likely have mvapp resolved very quickly.

    If concerned, you could always backout beforehand by doing 'mvapp restoreall' and 'mvapp unlinkemail'. Otherwise the worst case scenario is that you'd need to resetup your email accounts and possibly reinstall some apps.
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    Thanks. Looks like I won't be jumping on the next upgrade for a few days
    Mvapp works well & thanks for your effort.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xorg View Post
    Link email first. Then move your larger apps.

    m le
    m bm
    OK cool will do! one question b4 i do this, if I do a mvapp restoreall will it undo all the link moves I am about to do now? I ask because I would probably preform a mv app restore all before I do any webos updates. Oh an also does this move have any effect on lag or load times? I ask bcus email is already rather slow for me and I'd hate for a sometimes 2min load time to become 10 min.

    btw I like the command shortcuts very nice! thanks again.
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    ^There does not appear to be any performance difference with app/email sitting on the media drive. No one has mentioned they've noticed a difference.

    Yes, 'mvapp restoreall' will undo app app links, but does not unlink email - use 'mvapp unlinkemail'.

    One caveat is that over time you may build up dozens of apps that take up a great deal of storage, so you may not have room (on /var) to restore all of them. If concerned about future updates, you're better off restoring (unlinking) only the apps that matter to you and if needed, reinstall the other apps after the update. The chances are higher that I'll have a fix before OS updates, or the same day of release - if even needed.

    I'd be more concerned about removing patches than restoring apps before OS updates.
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    Thanks for the du suggestion. Is there a way to repeat/edit a previously used command line in the terminal? When a key is indicated as Gesture + 3 what exactly does that mean? I realize that these are terminal questions and not mvapp questions, but thought you might know.

    Here is the mvapp diag result:
    Gathering diag report, hold please...
    var used: 99MB 40%
    var available: 149MB
    app used: 17MB on /var
    # total apps: 92
    # var apps: 87
    # media apps: 5
    email used: 123MB on /media
    attachmnt used: 34MB on /media
    var tmp used: 0MB
    opt used: 32MB
    ipkg lists: 2MB


    - Keep "var used" well below 125MB.

    This report is available on media
    drive as... diagreport.rtf

    Here are the results of du explorations so far:
    0 /var/cro
    0 /var/****
    0 /var/javadumps
    0 /var/javaoom
    0 /var/kernelpanics
    0 /var/minicores
    0 /var/misc
    0 /var/tmp
    0 /var/touchpaneldump
    4 /var/IPKG_BUILD.7189
    4 /var/backups
    4 /var/bin
    4 /var/corefiles
    4 /var/downloads
    4 /var/gadget
    4 /var/local
    4 /var/spool
    8 /var/state
    12 /var/cache
    12 /var/lock
    12 /var/pubsub
    16 /var/context
    16 /var/lost+found
    28 /var/ssl
    52 /var/etc
    92 /var/run
    112 /var/home
    180 /var/preferences
    1352 /var/telenav
    2652 /var/log
    3112 /var/palm
    9172 /var/lib
    15484 /var/luna
    22124 /var/usr
    32560 /var/opt

    20 /var/usr/share
    284 /var/usr/bin
    3952 /var/usr/lib
    17864 /var/usr/palm

    12 /var/opt/var
    212 /var/opt/include
    276 /var/opt/etc
    620 /var/opt/sbin
    624 /var/opt/man
    1260 /var/opt/src
    4872 /var/opt/lib
    7636 /var/opt/libexec
    7696 /var/opt/share
    9348 /var/opt/bin

    20 /var/luna/preferences
    56 /var/luna/launchpoints
    116 /var/luna/files
    15288 /var/luna/data

    Are these in KB?

    I also ran du /var/. This gave me a complete listing. I noticed that nvbackup sets - which I use to back up my Classic system, seem to be stored under /var/lib/palmos/slot0/PALM/Programs/NVBackup. Each of these are about 6MB. NVBackup is saving these to /media/internal/Classic Apps/PALM/Programs/NVBackup. From there I move them to my pc. I don't know why they show up in /var.

    They might be links. I deleted several of them and got the same /var usage report from mvapp diag - 99MB.
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    ^Your /var/luna/data is about 10MB larger than mine. Try du command inside that dir as well as 'ls -l' command.

    This all may be moot in a week or two as it sounds like Palm is addressing the storage issues in the next release.
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    Attention mvapp users:

    I've posted a new version of mvapp 0.4.3 on PreWare that has two new commands to migrate linked apps, recover any lost linked apps and properly setup ipkg lists that allow apps to showup in Preware. Only use this AFTER applying the webOS 1.3.5 update.

    If mvapp 0.4.3 doesn't show up in PreWare Updates. Remove mvapp and reinstall in PreWare.

    If you want to backup your media .apps folder before migrating, you can do this (may take a very long time depending on number of apps linked, be sure battery is charged or charge while performing backup)...

    mvapp backup

    Only use these commands AFTER webOS 1.3.5 patch is applied.

    To migrate apps and fix loose ends, use this...

    mvapp migrate

    If it gives a message that .apps no longer exists (this might happen if you ran postupd/clean earlier), use this command...

    mvapp postupd2 (only if above command tells you to run this)

    Apps that didn't appear in Preware should now show up and the ipkg manifest should be properly updated. If not, try rebooting phone. Please report your experiences.

    After everything is working as it should be, you can do a 'mvapp cleanup', which will remove backups and all .apps in media. You might want to wait a week or two before doing the cleanup unless you really need media space.

    Note that linked email is still maintained. If you want to unlink email, use 'mvapp ue'.
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    Here are the ls -l /var/luna/data results:

    drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 Jul 17 22:26 Apps
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 221184 Nov 16 16:25 CarrierNetworkSettings.db3
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 33 Nov 30 15:30 attachments -> /media/internal/.data/attachments
    drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 May 22 2009 browser
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Dec 2 15:35 dbdata
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 23552 Nov 30 20:39 downloadhistory.db
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 28 Nov 30 15:29 emails -> /media/internal/.data/emails
    drwxr-xr-x 21 root root 60 Nov 30 12:16 extractfs
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1137664 Dec 2 11:59 mediadb.db3
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 20 Nov 16 16:25 palm-carriernetworksettings-info
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 173140 Nov 30 11:05 perfdata.txt
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8 Dec 2 15:33 slidercount
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 129 Sep 5 15:42 stackdump.txt
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Dec 2 09:24 temp_html_email
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    I have mvapp installed, but I don't think I got it working, as it is still giving me the error on space. should I just uninstall mvapp from preware and everything should be good in anticipation for 1.3.5? thank you.

    ps. I have uninstalled mvapp, and reinstalled, but it still gives me the error. FWIW.
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    Uninstalling mvapp doesn't restore any moved apps or email. You should do a 'mvapp restoreall' and 'mvapp unlinkemail' before removing mvapp itself.
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    just posting so I can refind this thread later
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    just posting so I can refind this thread later
    +1 cus I might need to find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by youlege View Post
    +1 cus I might need to find it.
    Doesnt anynoe know where about the Thread Tools/Subscribe menu item is...much easier than posting simply for a reason to find something later....
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    I have been thinking how I was going to handle the 1.3.5 update and I had this plan, let me know if you think this will work:

    1. Copy all of the folders under /media/internal/.apps & /media/internal/.app-storage to a local drive on my PC
    2. Delete the linked programs under /var/usr/palm/applications
    3. Run mvapp to cleanup the links (not sure if this is necessary)
    4. Move my email back, ensuring that there is enough room for this, using mvapp unlinkemail
    5. Upgrade to 3.5 (After EPR is run, of course)
    6. Copy the folders from step 1, into the new folder locations (not sure where this will be yet) and also the
    data folders as well
    7. Run rescan on LunaMgr and see if the apps I had moved over are now working in the new locations
    8. If they are not, reinstall them, or try to figure out why they are not working, whichever seems quicker

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    ^Something to that effect might work... I'll highly likely have a working solution the day the next webOS version is released. That's assuming Palm even releases the supposed app storage solution in next release.

    #1) The ideal is that the next update won't touch the links and you don't have to do anything - those under NDA can't verify.

    #2) You could simply unlink all your apps with 'mvapp restoreall' before update, but if you have many, you may not have enough room for the actual update. Check 'mvapp diag' after unlinking to make sure you have at least 125MB available in var. There's the possibility email could stay linked (saving lots of var storage), but no one can validate until NDA is lifted (PreCentral article didn't imply email would be touched).

    #3) Either way I'll have a 'mvapp' update the day of release that will recover linked apps no matter how/if Palm deals with them.

    #4) If you want to do some safety prep just in case, while phone is in USB Drive mode, simply copy the .apps and .data folders to your computer drive before updating. It could then be restored at a later time on your own terms after you understand the new storage method (assuming PreCentral is right this will occur).

    BTW, after mvapp a new tool is coming... 'xorg tools' (xt command), Power Tools for Power Users. It will have some of the remaining pertinent mvapp functions with lots of new power user stuff coming. Won't be released until resolving any potential mvapp recovery issues after next update.
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    I was looking at your changes for version 0.3.7 and found a typo on line 1064

    cd /media/intenral/.data
    which probably should be

    cd /media/internal/.data
    I hope this helps... plee3
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    Thanks. It's for an optional backup in the next version, which I haven't tested yet... not sure if I'll release that function. Decided to take another approach to recover apps after next update. Might see it released this weekend.
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