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    Thanks for an excellent app.

    Here's a feature suggestion for you.

    It would be nice if one could turn off the theme feeds.
    I personally have found a theme that I love & find it kind of annoying to have to wade through all the themes to find the best home brew apps.
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    The ability to enable, disable, add, and remove feeds is already in the works. (Will probably be finished after rwhitby gets back from vacation.)

    Though I'd imagine you wouldn't actually want to disable or remove the theme feeds, since you would still want to know if there is an update to the theme that you love.

    I've added an "All" option under available applications, which is basically the list of everything before the theme feeds were included. This will be in the next release (probably this weekend sometime.)
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    i keep getting checking version....

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    i keep getting checking version....
    No issues here, try a reset. Or worst case, uninstall both package service and Preware and reinstall.
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    I think I broke my preware. It said update for the packer service manager. I pressed update now nutin works. Arugh!
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    Preware hasn't been connecting for me ALL DAY today. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    It tells me I didn't load service mngr... I gotta wait till I get home to fix this. Phht...
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    Everytime I try installing anything on the Preware it gives me this:

    Error Installing [4]

    Someone help me and ill give you a shout out in my next video!

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    Have you installed the virtual keyboard by any chance? If so, uninstall it & also delete the "virtual-keyboard" folder that is added to the Pre (via USB mode on a computer). Then try installing something with Preware again.
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    First you did not give enough details.

    What are you trying to install?

    Is this the first time installing anything?

    If not, what have you installed?

    Do you have the latest version of Package Service Manager and the latest version of PreWare.

    And let me guess, you are trying to install Virtual Keyboard, right?

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    Did you download the package manager first? I would download that first through WebQI then preware then reboot.
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    Oh sorry, well I installed the Virtual-Keyboard on the Computer using the webOSquickinstall then I went to preware and tried downloading some themes and it didn't work. Also I tried the webos repair too. Any help?
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    Remove the virtual keyboard app, and reinstall it from Preware.
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    Uhh how do I remove it?
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    Oh nvm I got it removed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishounen View Post
    Preware hasn't been connecting for me ALL DAY today. Is anyone else having this problem?
    Preware hasnt connected for me for a few days now. Just says updating or checking version. Theres a few post popping up here and there. I've reset and reloaded and deleted and used the webos doctor. The most it will work is once then it will stop again. I gave up and deleted it and now im useing file coaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    i keep getting checking version....
    Quote Originally Posted by dave12285 View Post
    When I load preware it hangs on the loading screen. Sometimes it stips my data connection for a few seconds. Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

    same problem too
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    For what it's worth, all is fine and dandy for me. Good luck to those having difficulty.
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    This is great. I am not a "geek" and I got it going easily and I love this stuff!

    Question is Virtual Keyboard must be removed before updating? Do I have to remove all Homebrews before updating or just the Keyboard and Tweaks?
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    Is there a way I can disable the "Themes" feed? I personally don't care for themes & don't want to see 30+ themes in the recently updated items. If possible, please PM me the answer. Thanks.
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