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    next time you get preware to open go into preferances and change the update feeds button to once daily and you'll be able to open almost evertime . The problem lies somewhere in the feeds updating on their server , not sure why but when I get the cheking version I reboot my phone and that works most of the time .of course they could be adding patches or something but I don't think that would slow it down.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    alright it now is showing my pre but i cant do the next step. here are the pictures
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    Same here. It appears down for me too. Probably just the upgrading that was mentioned above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seemefly1 View Post
    alright it now is showing my pre but i cant do the next step. here are the pictures
    You should move this over to the WebOS Quick Install thread in Homebrew. Jason over there can best answer this new issue.
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    anyone having issues accessing preware right now? i was able to get on this morning but now it just sits there either saying "updating" or "checking version". never did this before

    nvm. saw another thread about this.
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    Same here. Down for about an hour.
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    I have been having an issue where Preware will be working good, then suddenly it just quits working correctly. It will get stuck on "updating" or "checking version". It will then not work unless I uninstall package manager services and preware, restart pre, reinstall package manager services and preware, restart again. Then it seems to work. Anyone else with this issue?

    Edit: Maybe it is just the server has been down... and the fact that it is working after re-installing is just coincidence, after the server is back up??
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Ive had some issues with preware and did some forum delving as I always do and came across nothing thus far...

    Any one else get preware stuck in a non stop loop for checking versions?
    Same Here...

    took awhile, but back up...
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    same issue with the 'checking version' screen.
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    I don't think I've noticed it until now with preware down... but I am freaking addicted to this stuff... I love my PRE!
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    me too. I think it's down.
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    took awhile, but back up...
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    took awhile, but back up...
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    Not up for me yet. Did you re-boot first?
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    not working on my end either...

    And back up as of 6:49
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    I have been using Preware for a while now and it has been great, but since this morning when I run the app it just says updating. Then if I try to restart luna with Luna Manager nothing happens. I have to open terminal and do a reboot. Then Luna Manager will work again. I'm not sure, but I think it may be an issue with the Package Manager Service, but it seems random since it has been working for so long. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall both preware and the package manager. Has anyone seen a problem like this. My original thought was that the repos were down.
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    Their servers are down pending a memory upgrade.
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    No problem for me - working just fine at 6:35 PM EST and I have not re-booted since yesterday evening.
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    (looks like it's back up now actually) -m
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    not working!

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