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    I can not get the Package Manager Service to run on my Pre even though I can successfully install it.

    I have been using Preware successfully for awhile now and then ran into some strange behavior.

    I would install a patch but would not be prompted about the script to be run. I would get the pop-up message about the patch being installed. The available patch count would decrement appropriately, however, after I would restart my phone the patch would not be installed and the available patch count would be back to what it was before. It did not matter what patch I was trying to install.

    I then removed the Package Manager Service & Preware, hoping a fresh install would resolve the problem, however, now when I'm done installing them both and launch Preware I get a message stating "The Package Manager Service is not running. Did you remember to install it? If you did, perhaps you should try rebooting your phone." I restart the phone to no avail.

    I can see the Package Manager Service in Device Management using QI but it is not running and is it being recognized as running by Preware nor QI.

    When I click on Tweaks in QI I get a popup message stating the the Package Manager Service, GNU and diffstat are required for tweaking and do I want to download and install them (all of these show up in Device Management so I know they are on my Pre). I say yes and it only downloads & installs PMS. QI is recognizing GNU Patch and diffstat. It then opens the Tweaks window.....but, it does this everytime I click on Tweaks.

    If I try to add a tweak using QI, it goes through the process of installing the tweak and restarting my phone but it does not actually install the tweak. Same for patches.

    I've been playing around with this for hours, scouring the forums for possible solutions but I have run out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there anyway to manually start/stop/re-start the Package Manager Service? Is there a dependency with GNU Patch and diffstat? Should I remove those and re-install? If so, is there an order it should be done in?

    Version of software:

    WebOS - 1.2.1
    QI - 2.72
    Preware - 0.9.2
    PMS - 0.9.4
    Diffstat - 1.45
    GNU Patch - 2.5.9-3

    Also, I have too much data on my phone that is not backed up into the cloud, so running the Doctor is not something I'm willing to do. I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to keep all the data on my phone.

    I know using Preware and any other homebrew development apps/services is a risk and may require using the Doctor resulting in lost data but it seems that this could be resolved relatively easy by someone with more knowledge of the system than I possess.

    I do not have linux access to my phone but I'm willing to set it up if there is a way I can resolve this problem by fixing a corrupt file or something to that affect.

    Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.

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    ok... just did a partial erase on my phone. I downloaded Package Manager Service through the WOSQI and then Preware. I tapped on the Package manager service and it told me I needed to restart my phone to make that icon disappear. After the restart I downloaded the auto patch feed.

    With that being said... I have 3 available apps and the patches are greyed out. ***?!?! I'm going to bed.... I'll look for a response when I get up.
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    oh yeah... OS 1.2.1 and preware 9.2
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    u can use QI to download tweaks, i havent seen them in preware(correct me if im wrong), but patches can be instaled from preware.

    i just use QI for all my tweaks and patches though.

    glad u got it workin, now u gonna love your pre even more
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    Question? Is there a tweak or patch that can be done to close the dialer after a call instead of having to close it by swiping it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geneziz View Post
    Question? Is there a tweak or patch that can be done to close the dialer after a call instead of having to close it by swiping it?

    no, but it would be super easy to do...
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    Sorry I tried searching and trying to understand. Does Preware have the same patches and tweaks thats available on WebOS quick install?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geneziz View Post
    Question? Is there a tweak or patch that can be done to close the dialer after a call instead of having to close it by swiping it?

    That always bugs me too. I would love a patch for that.
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    I need some help from anybody. I just recently installed Preware and everything was working great(installing patches, themes, and apps), until I installed the message notification patch. I didn't like it so I removed it(restarted Pre of course)but for some reason it was still playing the ringer I used when I had the patch installed, then it got worse, the notification ringer wouldn't play at all(sms messages, emails). So after 2 restarts I was forced to do a partial erase, after it rebooted, the theme, and other patches I had installed were still on my Pre(Shouldn't they have been removed?). So I reinstalled Preware but now I don't have the option to select "available patches" and my installed patches aren't listed either, even when I try to view them through WebOSQuickInstall. Can anybody help me solve this problem? Do you think WebOSDoctor is necessary? Thank You!
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    Thank you for all the hard make it easy for those of us that are not computer savy
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    quick install does have access to the same repositories has preware but they are not under the simple tweak menu where all you have to do slect the box. they are just in a different menu to install
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    i can not install webos install or anything argggh
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    Finally got PREWARE!!!

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    how come virtual keyboard isn't under webOS patches have to go to list all and type virtual to find it

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    nvm, I figured it out.
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    I use a combination of both depending on where I am....
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietStorm21A View Post
    Is anyone having preware & app catalog issues where it freezes when you download any app?
    I have noticed that when I click to download an App from the official App Catalog, I get a several second "freeze" (maybe 15 seconds or so), before I get the dreaded "Sorry, Not Enough Memory" error.

    Using Preware 0.9.2, webOS 1.2.1
    On-Screen Keyboard installed
    Other Patches Installed:
    Add Date to Top Bar No Year
    Battery Icon and Percent
    Browser Multi-Patch
    Call Duration in Call Log
    Camera Capture with Volume Keys
    Enable Dev Mode Icon
    Enable Landscape Email
    Enable Landscape Messageing
    Enable LED notifications
    Hide Musicplayer App
    Match State to Area Code
    Message Forwarding
    New Task Auto Details
    Shutter Sound On/Off Button
    Smiley Faces in Symbol Box

    Any explanation or theories?
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    Will Preware uninstall WebOSQI installs, and vice versa? I want to add some further tweaks, but ran into a situation last night. My Pre was on the touchstone for a short while and I got an audible alert. I looked, and it was prompting me to download 1.2.1 *again* the next time I charged the Pre. I had only a little charge left, and only had the LED notification installed via Preware so was able to take it off before putting the Pre back on the charger. I'm just thinking ahead--based on what I've read recently about repeated updates being forced--that before I install more tweaks, it would be best to have a couple of uninstall options.
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    Noob question, how can i see what patches i installed and how can i ever remove them if i want?
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    I Can't even find it in Preware V0.9.2 or in WOSQI

    Any suggestions?

    Also trying to get my hands on Switcharoo

    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    how come virtual keyboard isn't under webOS patches have to go to list all and type virtual to find it

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