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    (Small warning: This is no app that can be used comfortable out of the box. To make it run it needs a little crafting - but in my opinion it is worth it. And it is far away from being ready...)

    I am using a Raspberry Pi with a SD-Card, USB-Stick and a tiny WiFi-Stick as a portable musicbox with integrated WiFi-access point. So I can enjoy listening to my complete music database at home or when I am travelling. Of course I always wanted to have a remote control on my webOS devices where I could control the music or get some informations about the songs that are playing.
    More than a year ago I did some modifications on XBMC Remote because it was not working with the Gotham version any more. But I found out that it wasn't easy to load the complete list of songs from a Raspberry Pi to a webOS device. This took ages and finished often with a timeout. Besides I always wanted to have a look into my databases even when my Rasberry Pi wasn't running.
    This may explain why I made this app the way it is now at the moment. I have to admit that the focus is lying on the way I use my Raspberry Pi. But I also have tested on a Kodi version that is running on a Lubuntu notebook without problems. So I think the App can be used with other Kodi installations as well.
    Sorry that I'm still not able to make this in another language than Mojo. I really thought about using Enyo, but it was difficult enough for me to spend so much time programming this. Chances would have been too high giving up on half of the way that I got now :-)

    How is Media DB working?

    Media DB needs the original databases of Kodi on your webOS device. You need MyMusic52.db and MyVideos93.db out of the Kodi userdata folder when running "Isengard" (v15) or MyMusic56.db and MyVideos99.db when running "Jarvis" (v16).
    You can also use Textures13.db when you like to have album art of the songs accessible offline. In this case you need some space (at least 2 or 3GB) to synchronize the Thumbnails folder of your Kodi userdata into a folder /media/internal/.kodiDB/Thumbnails. I did this on my 32GB Touchpad (some "eye-candy"), but on my Veer I didn't.
    If you want your data to be in actual state you have to update your databases on your webOS device. At the moment this is the only way to get new values on your device.
    It is important to enable http access on your Kodi settings. Otherwise Media DB will not be working for sending commands.
    Media DB will not keep connection to your Kodi. It only will send a command to the server you selected. If it will get a response it will tell you by a notification. If you lost connection it might tell you. If nothing is happening (no message) there's a good chance that connection is lost.

    What is helpful for using Media DB?

    In my opinion wTerm is a wonderful helper when OpenSSH is also installed. wTerm makes it possible to update your database while music is running on your Kodi. If you don't use wTerm very often, it is no problem to call commands that you inserted some days ago by tapping the up-key so you have to type the update command only once.
    Here are my commands (which of course have to be modified to your situation):
    scp pi@ /media/internal/.app-storage/ ; scp pi@ /media/internal/.app-storage/
    if you want to have offline album art as written before add this:
     ; scp pi@ /media/internal/.app-storage/
    What is already working?

    It will take months to include all the features I want to have in this app :-)
    But as written above, my focus lies on using Kodi without a screen. So don't expect features for movies or tv shows because you don't need a remote control on webOS devices for using a screen. In the following guide you will find the features that are already added.

    Using Media DB (See pictures below)

    Picture 1
    When starting Media DB the first time, you have to select your Kodi version. If you select the wrong one you will get a database error later and you can't use Media DB. It is possible to change your selection later by using the main menu of the app. If you select "Jarvis" or if you change you selection later the app will close and you have to start it once again.
    If you finally see the empty song stage then all (empty) databases are created and you should close the app again.

    Picture 2
    Use Internalz Pro to find out the name of the first datebase (music) and the third database (videos). The second database is for textures. Next step will be to overwrite these empty databases with the Kodi databases. If you don't have enough space on your device for textures and thumbnails as described above - no problem - just leave the second empty database as it is

    Picture 3
    Use wTerm and the commands above to overwrite the databases. If you don't want to use wTerm you can of course take a USB cable to copy the renamed Kodi databases onto your device or use the send command of WebOSQuickInstall.
    Start Media DB again. Don't worry if it takes long. I have databases with 12MB (music) and 10MB (videos) and experienced about half a minute until the blinking card is getting a background photo. After this it took another half of a minute until the stage is ready. This is only happening when new databases are inserted. The second start is only half of the time.

    Picture 4
    The main menu contains several Kodi commands like play/pause, stop, play next, play previous, stop, show "Now playing" and shutdown server. Some of them are accessible with "magic tap" for phones.

    Picture 5
    Tap on the Kodi installation you want to connect. Of course you have to enter the IP adress and port of your server. Username and password can be entered, too.
    Keep in mind that you can only have one set of Kodi databases in Media DB. So it is no good idea to store several Kodi installations with different databases in the server list.

    Picture 6
    Tap on the three dots of a song to get a popup menu for different actions. Tapping left of the three dots will open the song information

    Picture 7
    Tapping on the folder icon will open a popup menu to reorder the song list. To get a decreasing order tap on the same field again after it was loaded increasing.

    Picture 8
    If you are in the song information you have several commands. These are from left to right:
    • go back
    • refresh cover, playcount and last played (this is not stored on your device)
    • play song
    • add to playlist (bottom)
    • add to playlist (top)
    • rate song (this is not stored on your device, but on the Kodi database - so at the next database update it's on your device)

    Picture 9
    Sometimes you need to know the song that is playing at the moment. You can access this in the Kodi commands on the main menu or by magic tap + N

    Picture 10
    Media DB runs in fullscreen mode on the Touchpad. This is a view of the movie database where there isn't much functionality at the moment

    Known problems
    • Refreshing the music database with the command in the main menu might not work. I get an "OK" response, but there is nothing visible in Kodi that there is something running
    • There has to be a little implementation error of the lists in combination with the search functionality. If you go inside a song information after a search an go back to the list it might be empty. Scroll up several times and it will be back. I will fix this some time later.
    • If you use the "About Media DB" command in the main menu you will end in the usual help-stage that isn't supported by webOS 3 any more. I didn't find a way to make a back button for Touchpad into the scene. If you're stuck in this scene then tap on the credits filed. In the credits stage you will find a back button that leads you back to the main stage. I noticed this nice automatic stage first when developing this app - sorry, I couldn't resist to keep it :-)

    This is it - I hope there are a few Kodi users out there finding this useful ;-)
    Of course I'm interested in getting a few more functions by myself. But this will take some time.
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    version history:

    First public release
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    While using this app I developed some improvements that I wanted to have most. So I think it is time for a new official release
    Whats new:
    • Media DB now supports Kodi 17 (Krypton)
    • it is possible to store custom filter commands for your songs in pure SQL (WHERE... ORDER BY ...)
    • larger album art in the 'Now Playing' view when using a HP Touchpad
    • support for 10 star rating of songs on Kodi 17 (stored are 10 stars - displayed is the rating divided by 2)
    • refreshing the song detail view will pull the stored rating of a song (useful if you want to check if your rating was stored)

    I hope the app will be available in the pivotCE feed soon. In the meantime it is available on my website with some screenshots (sorry only in german)
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    I think it's time to upload version 0.4.7 with new functionalities implemented last year:

    • Volume control
    • Filters and order functionality for movie database
    • Display actors in the movie information
    • Fixed missing year of movie releases (new located in Kodi v17)
    • Support of smart playlists (static playlists ending with .m3u can be started, but this will push Kodi out of remote control somehow)
    • Toggle shuffle and repeat mode

    I hope the new version will be available in the pivotCE feed soon after the review.
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