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    The Ur-Quan Masters

    System requirements: tested - webOS 3.x, HP TouchPad, must start also on webOS 2.x, Pre3/Pre2/Pre/Veer

    Description: To all who remember the legendary Star Control II game...

    Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters, developed by Toys for Bob and published by Accolade in 1992, is one of the most acclaimed games of all time. Better known than it's predecessor and better loved than it's reviled sequel, Star Control II can be found on many a ‘best of' list. Even so, it is fair to say that it's day in the limelight has passed a little. A hiatus of nearly two decades will do that to any series even if it is unfair and undeserved, as Star Control II truly has earned all the credits is has garnered.

    'Star Control II' is one of those rare games which crosses many gaming genres (adventure, strategy, and even some minor micro-management) and somehow comes together perfectly. With excellent production values, witty writing, an epic storyline, and memorable characters galore, this truly is one of the finest gaming titles in existence. If you are in any way a fan of great gaming and don't mind using your brain a little, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on 'Star Control II' as quickly as you can.
    The game takes place after the end of the first 'Star Control' adventure, as you might suspect. Unfortunately, Earth and its pals in the Alliance of Free Stars got their intergalactic butts handed to them by the heinous Ur-Quan and their fiendish Hierarchy, and the benevolent races of the Alliance have either been forced to join the Hierachy or have been enslaved on their home planet under a red forcefield. Things are looking pretty grim.
    You (the gamer) play a young captain who was on a far-off mission when the human race was being enslaved, and you return to your beloved blue planet to find it encased under a pulsating red slave shield. I don't want to spend an hour explaining the story, but needless to say, you eventually try to reform the Alliance, save the Earth, stick it to the Ur-Quan, and do a few other dozen things that pop up along the way. The complexity of the story will surprise a lot of gamers who are used to the empty carnage of action titles and standard space combat games.
    So you've got a great adventure game, a great space combat game, a great story, and even a great musical experience, all rolled up into one package. I wish I could convey to you how enjoyable this game really is, but it's hard to do with simple text and words. Most people remember their favorite television shows fondly, but my friends and I will probably remember games like this even more, for the years of enjoyment they have brought into our lives.

    More information:
    Star Control - The Pages of Now and Forever

    This webOS port is based on project UQM from sourceforge. The original verison was v0.7, build 3778. Compiled with SDK 3.0.4 and tested on TouchPad 3.0.4.

    Warning! Supported but not included (for size reducing) addons like:
    - 3dovoice (all voices, 110Mb)
    - music remix packs (3 music remix packs, 48Mb, 57Mb, 38Mb)
    - 3dovideo (intro and victory movies from 3do version, 128Mb, copirighted materials. Search in web, but inho they are not very intresting)

    Language packs will be later (russian, german and finnish are almost complete translation, spanish will be a partial translation).

    First start can be long (up to 30 seconds), be patient. Second and after will be very quick.

    Game is works with 320x240 screen resolution (first screens - 1024x768), so it must also work an webOS phones, but will be very small of course.
    Advantage of Tochpad is screen size, advantage of phone is phisical keyboard (the best for Melee mode!).

    If you like this game and want it to be developed further - please DONATE!

    Download IPK:
    Download from HP AppCatalog (via webOS device):

    Needs 50Mb on your device (standard edition, Addons will take space also), 100Mb of free RAM for run.

    Download sources:

    v7.3778.1 - 2012/11/12
    - compiled with static ogg-vorbis library

    v7.3778.0 - 2012/11/10
    - first public release
    - compiled SD version (320x240), build 3778
    - very very ugly virtual control, but ok as first try...
    - no support for language packs yet
    - 3dovoice not included in IPK
    - english docs are included, but some other documentation (DE/RU etc) can be added also

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    Published in AppCatalog.
    Who has already installed version from (temp link) - please uninstall first, new has other app name (first try to upload ocked the app in AppCatalog and nobody from HP can unlock it, so I made new build with other AppName) and can't be updated from AppCatalog in future. Don't forget your saves if you have - but you can move them only via file manager like Internalz.
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