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    Hi, I just put together a litte wrapper app for Google Music on the Touchpad.
    It is a very simple app to use Google Music on the Touchpad. It is basically only an Enyo webView that displays You can also do that in the browser of course, but the app has 2 main advantages: It supports exhibition mode and it keeps the screen on, when the app is open!

    I'll try to put it on Preware but for now you can get it here.

    For this first version: Make sure to stop the song before exiting exhibition. Otherwise it will play till its end or you'll have to start exhibition again to stop the song.

    mgmft (@linuxq on twitter)

    UPDATE: Someone asked for the source, cause he wanted to build another "viewer" like that. You can find it on Github.
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    Should it be extracted or renamed to *.ipk before installation?
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    Just rename it to .ipk
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    would be very useful for mobile phones
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    Any chance this could be ported to Pre 3 / 2? I use Google music quite a lot on my Nexus 5

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    It seems to be Enyo 1 from the index file:

    (seems I have to strip tags to post this)
    meta name="viewport" content="height=device-height, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"
    script src="../enyo/1.0/framework/enyo.jsjsjs&$quot$; $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$javascript$&$quot$;

    So it should work on phones, but is it designed for the screen?
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    Thanks preemptive,

    I'm on holiday at the moment so will give it a bash once I get home to my new Pre 3

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    Sorry. How to install?

    Enviado desde mi touchpad

    Install in my pre2... not found.
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    Work in my TouchPad gracias

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    Hi All,

    Bad news Gmusic will not even load in the Pre 3 browser so this method will not work

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    Something changed after the heartbleed case...??

    Best Regards...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnp View Post
    Something changed after the heartbleed case...??

    Best Regards...
    Don't think so, I just attempted to load G Music via the web browser on the Pre 3 and it just hangs. So I thought that it probably wouldn't work using the webview component.

    Anyway my new Pre 3 battery died (after 1 week!) so waiting replacement


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