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    You can find it here:

    The app in action:

    MODo is a small app which plays:
    * Amiga tracker files (.mod .xm .it. .s3 .med)
    * C64 (SID Player, HVSC #54 Songlength DB integrated)
    * Nintendo SNES / NES / Gameboy
    * Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) / Master System
    * Amstrad CPC / ZX Spectrum / Atari Pokey

    * Sleep timer
    * Volume boost
    * Shuffle
    * Seek within tracker formats
    * Not overloaded, just plays

    It works only for WebOS 2.x devices.

    Enjoy some nice 8/16bit tunes!!

    An older version is also in the HP catalog, but the catalog is often not available to me. So I hope the app can find here a new home. You find here an updated version which has better sound output for tracker formats.

    Note about WebOS3:
    If anyone is interested in upgrading this app to WebOS 3, drop me a line. I only have the first Palm Pre. You do not have do any programming in C, it is the HTML layout and Javascript which has to be adapted to the new Framework.

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    works brilliantly so far, oh how awesome it would be if it let us play these file formats as ringtones
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    I copyed a bunch of files, but it stucks searching and don't find nothing ...
    i puted files on the root, but it yet don't find ...
    what could be wrong ?
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    phone? or are you trying this on the touchpad?

    tried a lune restart or reboot after install? i had 1 initial issue on pre3 but it worked fine after, i did have a heap of other things open at the time tho when i had my 1 issue as well as copying a ton of sid's and mod's.

    also noted some of the sid's sound a bit weird when doing certain tunes, sounded like certain waveform effects that go up/down in volume/pitch/whatever sound too extreme, sometime too loud and then briefly too quiet or vanishing, a minor issue tho.
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