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    Zod Commander v.0.1.1

    System requirements: webOS, 1024x768 screen size

    If you like it - PLEASE DONATE:

    Description: May be some of you remember legendary "Z"...
    And for those who didn’t remember: Z – is a hurricane RTS, released for DOS in 1996 and still has thousands of fans in whole world. I did a port to webOS of fan-Mod called Zod Commander. webOS version is based on sources dated 2011-09-06. Compiled with SDK 3.0.4 and tested on TouchPad 3.0.4. Reported that it starts on webOS 2 phone, but the screen size is incompatible so not the whole screen is accessible.

    - Target of every level is to destroy enemy fort.
    - You need to secure and hold different sectors on the map. To take control of the sector - just capture the flag!
    - The factory in sector belong to you only as long as you control it's flag.
    - The time above factory gates shows when new unit will be manufactured.
    - This time can change, the more sectors you own - the faster factories will build new units.
    - A lots of new units' (robots and vehicles) types will be available in later missions -- tanks, rocket-tanks, bazooka-, laser-, and pyro-soldiers and much more .
    - You can change the unit selected for production by taping on factory, canceling actual production and selecting new type of unit.

    Game video:

    User manual from original 'Z':
    Download User manual from

    Screenshots (click for enlarge):

    Download IPK installation file:
    Availible via official HP AppCatalog as free application.

    Installation process is a little bit long (couple of minutes, there are 10000+ files), it needs about 360Mb of space on device (65Mb in reality, but due to large amount of small files the free space will decreased), needs about 100Mb of free RAM to start.

    Download sources:
    Download sources from

    - one SHORT tap on unit – select one unit
    - one SHORT tap on free space – reset selection
    - one LONG (0.5 sec) tap on target/building/unit/rock/space – R-Click event (means an order for unit or group of units – to attack, to move, to follow, to take etc)
    - straight gestures (up / down / left / right) – scroll the map. As an alternative – you can use small map bottom right (you can click on it or slide it by finger)
    - diagonal gestures – select several units
    You have to start scroll or select by well-defined gesture, otherwise it can be recognized as R-Click.

    v0.1.1 - 2012/02/28
    - release for HP AppCatalog, nothing changed (only executable was stripped)

    v0.1.0 - 2012/01/28
    - first public release
    - the original maps-set is loaded by default
    - compiled without OpenGL (but I don't know, what will the advantage of OpenGL here – may be just transfer some processing from CPU to GPU)
    - the game always started from first map, on each application start. And you can’t skip the map, you have to win it or to load other map manually
    - movies are not integrated (yet)
    - multiplayer is turned off

    So this is the first result of playing with webOS SDK/PDK. I plan to port something else to webOS (if interesting SDL open-source game will be available).
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    just got it off the app-cat, isnt too bad, some buttons/elements are a tad fiddly to press but its pretty good. If youve managed that port quite well, how about you take a stab at Warzone 2100

    Warzone 2100: A Real-Time Strategy game - warzone was a pretty good game in its day as well, and eventually went open source, i had the ps1 version, and later its bigger inspired brothers Earth 2150/2160 on the pc.

    Music sounds a bit weird to me, dunno if its normal but some of the music sound like my speakers have gone all garbled, till i realise its just 1 of the backbeat noises alone sounding a bit weird.

    Z's looking ok so far tho, n1
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    Warzone seems to use OpenGL, and webOS has only GLESv2 support.
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    it was nice to dream for a moment there.

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