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    That would be great! The camera is the main reason I turn it off as well. I've had a few restarts and the lock has stayed on each time.
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    Rotation lock of xwtweak doesnt affect camera accelerometer. So no need of patching something!
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    for me it does affect it, it takes the picture, but the orientation is wrong (it shows as a vertical picture instead of a horizontal one).
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    Strange, on my 2.2.4 Veer it doesnt
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    On my Veer it sure does... easy to reproduce.

    1. Switch on rotation lock
    2. Take picture in landscape mode
    3. open pictures app, see picture to be in false orientation
    4. switch off rotation lock
    5. take picture in landscape mode (notice how the buttons rotate, wait for that, sometimes takes a second)
    6. open pictures app and see picture to be in correct orientation, you can even switch on rotation lock now.

    If you took pictures from the same scene, the difference will be most obvious... if you now post the image with the rotation lock on to facebook, it will be there in the false orientation also. The one with the rotation information will be in the correct orientation.

    Hopefully I'll find some time today for the patch. Shouldn't be that difficult.
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    On my Veer this problem doesnt exist!
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    I don't know why you don't have this problem. I have it on two Pre3 and two Veer with 2.2.4... and it also makes perfectly sense, because the app really disables the accelerometer quite close to the hardware. So it still makes no sense to me, that you are not affected.. anyhow, I did my little patch.

    What it does is it patches the camera app (and conflicts with other camera app patches). After a luna reset (or if you kill the camera app in jsTop ), the camera app will enable the accelerometer when it is started and disable it again when it is closed. There is no logic to restore a previous state or something, it is just hardcoded on / off.

    That's what I needed... feel free to elaborate on that patch, if someone needs more intelligent stuff... all you need to know is in the about screen of the xwtweaks app, just a hint.
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    So this would conflict with the Improved Photo Naming patch I have? I was able to install it through WSQI.
    Any chance of making the patch also work for the Photos app?
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    If you are able to install it, then there was no conflict and it should be working.. :-)

    I don't really have time to do this for the photo app right now... you can try to do it yourself. Open the .patch file in some texteditor on some computer. The lines with the + in front are the two lines you would need to add to the photos app (without the +, this is from the .patch format and means that this line was added).

    The biggest issue is in finding a nice spot for the activation and deactivation... setup and cleanup methods are good ideas. But one also needs to find the right assistant...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    If it maintains the status to "off" even after reboots, (...)
    here it defaults to ON even (or because?) on reboot.
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    From what I understand the service should remember the status that you had set before the reboot... for me I always have it set to off, so it stays off even after a reboot. If you set it to "on" before a reboot, then "on" after a reboot would be correct...

    With earlier versions it always defaulted to "on" after a reboot, no matter what you selected before... if you switched it off and it is on after a reboot, you should check if you have the latest version installed.
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    you were absolutely right, this problem exists on my Veer too. I was able to reproduce it. Your patch helps! But Photo and Video app are affected too, so maybe you could take a look
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    Just realized that accelerometer settings are not really working after phone restart ... seems to be buggy!
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    Know this thread until Garrett's Device Menu patch mentions it. This patch is so useful!! Any chance you could create an icon on the status bar to show if the accelerometer is on/off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matchqq View Post
    Know this thread until Garrett's Device Menu patch mentions it.
    This is what matchqq talks about. In this device menu patch you can also see if roation lock is on/off:
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    Quote Originally Posted by michel_ng View Post
    Got it ...
    OMG, I love it! thank you..............................
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    Here I read:
    Quote Originally Posted by JinbaIttai View Post
    This application works great on my Preł
    AdancedSysMenus-xwtweak.devicemenu-accelerometer-toggle.patch - patch modified to apply to device running Advanced System Menus 2.x - you will probably need to remove this patch first if you want to uninstall or upgrade ASM.
    Is this patch still the latest and greatest patch to disable orientation layout changes
    by means of using the Advanced System Menue on a Pre3 with webOS 2.2.4 ?
    This patch was never publish at the first posting.
    Do I need additional bits from the 1st posting?
    Also in one of the more recent posting here there was a attached which also is not available from the first posting. Should I get that for my Pre3 (2.2.4) devices?

    EDIT: I tried the AdancedSysMenus-xwtweak.devicemenu-accelerometer-toggle.patch on my Pre3 with Advanced Device menue patch - and it did not work - it even blocked the adv. dev, menue. I uninstalled the patch and menu was ok again.
    I installed the too and this works as a standalone app.
    (This is kind of most important app on the Pre3) But I really really would want to have this function in the advanced device menue.
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    I don't know whether it's the best or not, but I have installed it and it works. It didn't need any additional bits, I used the two files from the later postings.
    One minor glitch that it doesn't remember the state between reboots.
    I installed the 0.2.1 version together with the AdvancedSysMenu patch on my Pre3 (2.2.4) and it's OK.
    Is your AdvancedSystemMenu install OK? Maybe you should try to remove-reapply that patch first and install this afterwards.
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    It does work on webos versions other than 2.2.4, I have it working webOS 2.1.0.

    Try insalling the versions in the post above. I installed the toggle patch first then the app. The app won't launch on 2.1 but it doesn't matter, device togge works.

    I used webos quick install 4.5
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    xwtweak 0.2.1 works great on my Pre 3 2.2.4 with New Device Menu installed too. You can still find it on github. It's not being developed anymore and it's beta but it works and looks awesome. Here's the original thread and here's the article webOS Nation did on it Garrett92c's next big challenge: Redesign the webOS Device Menu | webOS Nation
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