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    On webOS 2.1.2 with Enyo installed frontend launched, but accelerometer did not react to switch.
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    Its been tested and works on 2.2.4. Others are also having problems on 2.1.x.
    Not sure how much help it will be, but you can pursue this.

    What happened to xwteam anyway? Hasnt been around since the OP.
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    If you just google for it, you can find a version 0.1.1 on a webpage with asian text.
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    Isnt v.1.1 already in post #2?
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    It would seem that way.
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xwteam View Post
    xwTweak is my first WebOS app. I hope that it is useful. ^_^

    This is a global accelerometer switch. Please install it through WebOSQuickInstall

    System tested: pre3 / 2.2.4ROM
    =========2012-02-07 updated========
    xwtweak v0.2.0 published

    1. fix Compatibility with some PDK applications

    1. Provide PalmService API.
    * uri: palm://
    * method: accelGetState
    return: {"state": "on"} OR {"state": "off"}
    * method: accelSetState
    param: {"state": "on"} OR {"state": "off"}

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    i tried the patch through webOS quick install. the app installed but the patch threw an error while installing. can anyone help me with this?
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    try to install it using Preware.
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    i couldn't find the tweak in my preware. i'm running wenOS 2.2.0. can u provide me the feed?
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    [this is embarrassing]

    My apologies; it seems I spoke too soon. Im also getting the error on install.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    [this is embarrassing]

    My apologies; it seems I spoke too soon. Im also getting the error on install.
    Thats alrit. anyways to get d patch work??
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    What's the error?
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    This is the only feedback. Where can I find the entire log?
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    You can find it in Preware, in the device menu IIRC. Looks like the patch to add it to the device menu is conflicting with something you already have installed. Advanced System Menus, perhaps?
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    Thx! I removed a couple things; no change. The remaining patches are Brightness-, Flashlight- and GPS in Device Menu. I'll live w/o it for now as those are indispensable.
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    This application works great on my Preł - as others have said, the auto-rotate function can be really annoying when trying to read in bed, so I'm stoked to find a way to turn it off.

    The device menu patch did not work, but I didn't expect it to because I have the Advanced System Menus patches installed - and wasn't prepared to go without them for the sake of a slightly more convenient way to toggle the accelerometer

    However, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to modify the patch to suit - and I did make it work, and in the process made an interesting discovery.

    Because the "diff" was done from the /usr/lib/luna/ directory, the original patch was never going to apply for any of you - at least not via webOSQuickInstall, which expects to see a diff from the root directory, so I've cleaned that patch up and attached it here also.

    fixed-xwtweak.devicemenu-accelerometer-toggle.patch - xwTeam's original patch modified so it should apply via webOSQuickInstall on an otherwise unmolested device (which I have not tested)

    AdancedSysMenus-xwtweak.devicemenu-accelerometer-toggle.patch - patch modified to apply to device running Advanced System Menus 2.x - you will probably need to remove this patch first if you want to uninstall or upgrade ASM.

    The usual disclaimers regarding installing random patches you found on the Internet apply - I can tell you this works for me, but there's also a chance it could make your device menu inoperable requiring either commandline and manual patching skills (via ssh or novaterm) or at worst a visit from the doctor.

    P.S. most annoyingly the version of "patch" on my pre3 (included with busybox) does not accept the "--dry-run" parameter, making it difficult to test the patch without applying then unapplying.

    Ironically it spits out the error "unrecognized option '--dry-run'" and then proceeds to give me a list of valid parameters, including --dry-run.
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    JinbaIttai, it works. It didnt work with the latest version of quickinstall, but 4.3.1 installed it fine. Thanks.
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    cant install ((
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    Cant install the fixed versions either.
    the error says 1/3 hunks failed...

    Just my luck; cant install any of the patches and it seems there are some dudes in my phone.
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    on an off-note, i dont suppose an offshoot of this could be used to have a toggle to rotate pdk apps 90° when their launched, we have a lot of touchpad pdk apps/games that run perfectly fine on the phones when using apptuckerbox to force install them, only their squashed in the wrong orientation, could this be done in a similar manor to this patch or would that be impossible and whole different kettle of fish.
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