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    Wishing everyone here at WebOSNation a very Merry Christmas.

    Here's a very simple, very quick and very free app for Pre phones. It should work on Touchpad, but I haven't tried it on mine yet.

    It's a Simon-style game where you must remember a sequence of lights and sounds and then repeat them. The game won't take long to beat, but it should amuse the young and young at heart. It might annoy the oldies though! :P

    Have a Happy and safe Christmas.
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    There may have been a problem with the original app, which caused a black screen, plus the icon was incorrect. Should be fixed now.

    BTW This does run on TouchPad, but only Pre-sized and in the top left hand corner. Trying to fix this now.

    Sorry about that.
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    Cool! I love the initiative. This looks fun, hopefully the ol' Pixi can handle it :P
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    another worthless app for touchpad
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    Quote Originally Posted by elijah1970 View Post
    another worthless app for touchpad
    You miserable git! If you don't want it don't download it. If you already have, then delete it. No need to moan about it - it cost you feck all. There's no pleasing some people.
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    And - breathe out !!!

    Ignore him - first post so he's just a troll. Hopefully someone will delete his account soon.

    I thank you for this - it's a nice little app.

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