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    I uploaded a new beta:
    - New: Giga-Event cache type (see GC4K089)
    - Fix: Problem displaying Earthcaches on the map
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy1969 View Post
    The TP version is very nice, too. It's still sad that the TP has no GPS.
    Well - the TP GO has GPS built in. ( I use Navit on TP GO and I like it. )

    I need to try that with the newest GC-gogo too. Thanks !
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    Thanks for continuing to support the app!
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    I needed to upload another beta, because the cache type was still wrong detected sometimes. I revised the complete cache type management. If you have saved caches on your device, you have to reload the cache to see the correct type.
    Fixed another problem: If the gallery is bigger than 1000 images, the count was wrong or you couldn't open the gallery at all.
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    Do you plan on adding the ability for a trackable bug/coin to visit a cache so I do not have to drop and pick it up every time? Sorry to sound pushy since I like using your app. I hope it would not be difficult to implement.
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    I uploaded a new beta to the website.
    - New: Fieldnotes
    - Fix due to changes on website

    There is also a new full version (identical to the beta) available here:
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    Due to changes on GC website, I uploaded a new version
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