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    Hello everyone,

    This thread will serve as the reference/support thread for the five apps I'm submitting for the homebrew feed. Four are from my book Practical Palm Pre webOS Projects (Search results for: 'zammetti') and the other is from my Palm Developer Network article about webOS game development ( I figured one thread for all would be sufficient since they are all being posted under my Etherient banner.

    The apps are:

    • Code Cabinet - A utility for developers to organize, store and look up code snippets
    • Engineer - A little sort of action/puzzle type game
    • Local Business Search - What else? Search for businesses in your local area, get maps, etc.
    • Twitter Monitor - Monitors a given Twitter feed for keywords and alerts you when they show up
    • Far Out Fowl - A little arcade game where you catch eggs dropped by a giant space chicken (trust me, it's cooler than it sounds!)

    Here's the short story... when all the crap started going down with HP a few weeks back (starting with the TouchPad stuff) I got pretty ****ed with what HP was doing. I felt like I had to have some sort of small, pointless protest. The best I could come up with, even though a lot of people argued I shouldn't do this, was to remove my apps from the catalog. I've done that, all the apps were previously there but are now suspended.

    However, I felt like the webOS community has always been a pleasure to be a part of, so I didn't want to COMPLETELY abandon it. I figured putting these apps out as homebrew was the best compromise.

    So, I'm off getting them submitted, but I needed to have a thread here to do, here it is I'm no longer a webOS user by the way, although I still like to keep tabs on what's going on... so if support issues arise your best bet is probably to ping me on Twitter (@fzammetti) rather than replying here... I may see posts here, but probably not timely. In any case, these apps have been out for a good long time, they are as solid as they're ever going to be and I have zero intention of ever touching them again to be perfectly honest about it. So, they are sold as-is, take-it-or-leave-it basically (of course they're free, but you get the point).

    FYI, these are all intended as learning examples for developers, not so much for real-world usage, even though they're perfectly viable for that too. The source code for all of them are out there and available, whether you buy my book or not, so if you're a developer and are interested go grab the apps and the source

    Otherwise, thanks and take care!
    Frank W. Zammetti
    Author of "Practical Palm Pre webOS Projects"
    and "Practical Ext JS Projects with Gears"
    and "Practical Dojo Projects"
    and "Practical DWR 2 Projects"
    and "Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects"
    and "Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology"
    (For info:
    All you could possibly want is here:
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    Hi, I installed Twitter monitor. When entered my Twitter account information, it kept saying could not identify my credentials. Don't know what the problem is...
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    Same problem here!

    -- Sent from my HP TouchPad using Communities
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    Thank you for writing the book.
    It helped me get a good, long way to writing an app.

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