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    excellent app! one request, could you please add another slickdeals category for "hot topics" Deals and Coupons (not to be confused with hot deals forum). that url is the key to getting slickdeals b/c once it goes front page its often dead and most front page deals come from hot topics. the hot deals forum, on the other hand, has too many lukeworm deals to be useful.

    another feed that you may want to add is a sight called dealighted. similar idea with the hot topics. been using slickdeals for a long time. these are the best ways to get the real slick deals before they die.

    also, if you're listing freebies also, add hunt4freebies because that site usually has the freebies posted before they make it to slick deals. again, another chance to get in before the rush.
    Great info, thanks. Will definitely look at getting those in, sound very useful.
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    A suggestion I have is to put some indication in the long lists to indicate how many items there are to look at, much like the classic Windows scrollbars. I wonder often how many items I will be scrolling through and how many items I have left to look at in a particular site. Thanks.
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    The app is now officially in the HP App Catalog. We're up to version 1.1 and there are a few tweaks but nothing too dramatic. Next release coming soon and we'll have some big-hitters in that. Thanks for all the support and suggestions so far and to precentral for hosting us so well
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