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    Wow! This is a great app....

    Just in case someone needs to change the Current Path (which is set by default on: '/media/internal/') to your specific video location to avoid moving to that directory every time you launch the app (in my case I needed to scroll down and go to 'Videos' folder where I have my 'Films', 'Short Films', 'Video Tutorials' folders and then enter in one of them and choose a file), you can do this:

    Using Internalz Pro, go to 'media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.wordpress.mobilecoder.touchplayer/source/' and open 'FileBrowser.jsjsjs' $and$ $look$ $for$ $this$ $function$ $in$ $the$ $last$ $half$ $of$ $the$ $code$:

    create: function() {
            currentDirectory = "/media/internal/";
            array = [];
            this.navigate(currentDirectory, true);        
    and add in this line: ' currentDirectory = "/media/internal/"; ' your video folder, for example in my case is ' currentDirectory = "/media/internal/Videos/"; '

    So, now every time I launch the app the current location is set on my videos folder.

    Hope it helps =)

    * Edit: After changing the path, restart your device to let changes to take effect.
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    thank you. Really valuable little change.
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    Does this player allow streaming from a home server?
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    Depends on the stream - it does play some but can't remember at the moment. if you're talking DNLA - no. But you can use Bhome app for that.
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