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    Thank you so much for this app! I was heartbroken that I was going to have to retire my Pre- and switch to a new os because I could only use my phone on speakerphone've given me an unexpected reprieve! They can pry this phone from my cold dead fingers!
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    Glad you like it. Don't forget to switch back the audio to the rear speaker once you're done. Otherwise alarms etc will keep using the front speaker and you'll probably not notice them.
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    Does the 'smaller steps for volume control' require any other undocumented app or patch being installed? I installed v1.0.0 from Preware on my Pre3 (EU GSM model) but the 'reduced V-button Step' is 'not implemented yet' when I tap the yellow coloured text and I cannot activate it. Or was the function disabled again in v1.0.0 and if so, where do I get v0.9.3 from?
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    I have added v 0.9.3 to the first post. I am not really maintaining the product anymore. However I am happy to help with easy solutions like adding an old version. Hope it works for you.
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    Thanks for v0.9.3. Unfortunately I still get a 'not implemented yet' for 'reduced V-button Step'. Same message on my EU Pre2.
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    Unfortunately there is little I can do right now. I looked in the code. And I found the reason for a reduced step size not being implemented. I could not find the module with the step size in it. So I could not patch that standard step size.
    Back then, I did investigate a callback on pushing the volume switch. It had side effects, so I did not implemented it that way either.

    The only possibility right now is to use the 'Slide relative' option in AudioSwitch. First find the right volume. Then with this option set, reduce or increase the volume precisely using the slider in AudioSwitch. As long as you are not reaching max of min volume, absolute changes in volume (pushes) will always come back to this precise volume level, I believe.
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