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    I've implemented a Japanese/English dictionary based on the free 190,000+ entry dictionary from Jim Breen's EDICT project.

    * Pure webos/javascript/html5 implementation
    * GPL-v3 freely redistributable
    * Supports multi-radical + SKIP code kanji lookup
    * Built in mini-IME for drafting email. Crude, but usable.
    * Developed on 1.4.5 for Pixi, seems to work on the 2.1 emulators.

    A warning, while this is only a 5Mb download, this baby takes up something like 45 Mb of space on your internal drive when installed. HTML-5 sqlite3 databases don't seem to be terribly space efficient. . There is a ~5 minute install process that goes on the first time you run this thing.


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    Thanks! I have been looking for something like this for quite a while.
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    Thank you so much! This one is very useful.
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    I don't know how I passed this app for so long because I use it all the time and I greatly appreciate your work. Is there any way to highlight any part of the entries or can that functionality be added?
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    Updated to fix a search bug. Try「さえ」. It now now returns the full entry...I can't believe I didn't find this before now.
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    Hi there, as I probbaly do not need Japanese in my remaining lifetime and even then I would prefer German-Japanese instead of English. Is it possible to make this somehow portable, to use it as offline dict for any language pairs?

    Me in person, I would like to have German-Spanish and German-French
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    This dictionary is really rather specialized for Japanese. I suppose you could rework it for other language pairs, but it would be a fair amount of work...and I would be surprised if there wasn't a dictionary tool available that already makes use of the publically available wordlists for German and French. Have you looked?



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