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    The aim of Homebrew Gate app is to create a link between official apps and homebrew services (official apps can't integrate homebrew services ->rejected app). Homebrew provide Cross launching API so that any developper can use it for App Catalog Apps.

    I have created Homebrew Gate in order to integrate homebrew services in my app : multiple App Launcher

    1. How to install Homebrew Gate ?
    2. Change log
    3. API for developpers
    4. Govnah support from multiple app launcher

    1. How to install Homebrew Gate ?

    Find it in Preware OR Tap on the following links to download package (you need preware installed on your device)

    Homebrew Gate V1.0.0

    2. Change Log :

    Version 1.0.0 : Govnah support API.

    3. API for developpers

    For exemple, to set Govnah profile 1, here’s the cross app launching code :
    this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
    method: "launch",
    parameters: {
    id: "com.scienceapps.malhomebrewgate",
    params: {app:"govnah",action: "1"}
    4. Govnah support from multiple app launcher

    Maltiple App Launcher & Homebrew Gate working better together : Govnah setup from Multiple App Launcher :

    Govnah is an homebrew service and we need Homebrew Gate to be able to pilot Govnah.

    First step : Install Homrebrew Gate with Preware

    Second Step : To set a profile, you need to know the profile id. How to find it ?

    In Govnah, go to the profile list. each built in profile is identified with the following id :

    If you have created new profiles, the id can be find as described in the picture below

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    Can you explain in a little bit more detail, what it does. sorry not very computer savy
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    for exemple, if you want to use Govnah Cross API in the official app catalog, you can't, your app will be rejected. Homebrew enables every dev to add homebrew services in official apps.
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    Great idea for an app.

    One request - please don't use the Preware icon as part of the icon of your app.

    The Preware icon is not a generic homebrew representation, it is a specific icon for a specific app called Preware. It is not intended for generic use for other applications, and may confuse the user about the authorship of the application. Please come up with your own icon which does not use the icon of another application.

    Using icons for Govnah, etc inside the app to represent those specific applications is fine.

    Let us know if you need any information or assistance regarding WebOS Internals applications to enable your new app to work with them.


    -- Rod
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    I think that this thread:

    might be able to utilize your app. I've cross posted in that thread as well.
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    At first I saw the thread title and I was like "a political scandal involving homebrew software?" hehe.
    Great idea for a service, though. This will further blur the line between official and unofficial apps, muahahhaha.
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    ha ha ha

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