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    You can make your Mojo app full-screen on the TouchPad by adding "uiRevision: 2" to the appinfo.json. Biggest issue is coming up with a good place to incorporate back buttons in your application (no gesture area on the Touchpad). I followed this guide: Developer How-To: Mojo apps on the TouchPad | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community | last night and had my Mojo app fully support the TouchPad in a very short period of time.
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    If just uploaded the new version 0.2.5 to Homebrew. This contains mainly tidying up behind the scenes and only a tiny littly bit of additional info texts.

    @geologist and others who are interested in development: I have put the code in a git repository, where you can view and download it:

    I have started to clean up the code so others may have a chance to understand it. ;-) This process is still under way.

    Right now I aim to include a preferences dialog where you can choose what to display (base age, GSSP/GSSA).

    Next would be to include various stratigraphic tables: I realised that there's a new version of the ISC (2010); some people may be interested in other stratigraphic tables (e.g. GSA Geologic Time Scale; I'm also interested in the Quaternary and Tertiary tables of the German Democratic Republic).
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    Fantastic! I greatly appreciate the source. This will give me a nice fall project. Hopefully I'll have a preliminary TouchPad variation complete in the next few weeks.
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    Sadly, there's a long time with no activity on this app. :-(

    I've just published a new version which includes TouchPad and Pre3 support. Both suffer from a problem (bug or feature..?) with the WebView widget, which makes it impossible to update the displayed table after changing the "show age" and "show GSSP" preferences. You have to restart the app for the changes to become visible.

    I will (slowly, I'm afraid) proceed with filling in the short descriptions, so expect some small updates in the future.
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    Thx for the update. Is the 'device height' (Pre3) the only change made? I cant tell the difference from v .2.5 since I had already edited the index.html file.
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    Yes, regarding the Pre3 it's mainly the info in the index.html. But it also added a workaround to avoid loading the (new) table when returning from the preferences.

    On TouchPad and Pre3, returning with changed preferences (needing a reload of the HTML displayed in the WebView widget with the stratigraphic table) triggers a "onClick" event which takes you on to a details scene which doesn't exist (and thus consists only of some empty UI elements). I didn't manage yet to separate loading new HTML into the WebView and getting the onClick event on these devices. Ignoring the event (as I do now in the new version) also prevents loading the new HTML. :-(
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