Some of you might already know our App GoOnField. Well this is the same but 100 times better . This will bring you all content available from uComics aka when finished. Not like GoOnField this one buffers the upcoming comic strips. On a good connection you wont have to wait for the next one ever again. Combined with the code behind Frizzle this works pretty smooth and opens for a 1000 of new features to come. This one will stay free forever as it might not work again if uComics changes the code of the webpage. However when it gets to final stage you will be able to buy it via App Catalog as some sort of donation.

Comics already in the roll:

- Garfield
- Calvin and Hobbes

Features already included:

- Buffering of the next 10 Comic Strips
- Jumping to a specfic Date
- Two Finger Zoom

Features to come:

- showing of the current Date
- Fullscreen View
- Buffering of even more comic strips for offline browsing
- Tagging strips as favourite for later use
- more comics
- stats about used traffic (thanks to frizzle)
- Facebook integration (perhaps twitter too??)
- a lot more

- using the "use now" function will cause an error not showing the comic. Just jump back 4 days and everything will be fine.

Please report any bugs or errors. There is an extra button for that in the App itself or use this thread here. Thank you!

You can download the App via Preware or WOQI!