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    Download from the App Catalog : Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    Video Tour :

    Govnah Quick Action video demo :

    MAL is an awesome application that will deliver all the power of WebOS multitasking. Select your favourite applications, and launch them simultaneously with one tap! Start app groups at set times.

    With Quick Actions perform actions after launching an application. For example, 6:59am : Launch an app group including :

    * A twitter client Bad kittty – programmed to display your profile.
    * Web browser, which opens a predefined Website.
    * Foursquare, programmed to display your favourite venue.
    * Google Maps, programmed to show stations nearby.
    * Several games.
    * Email app with filled information like mail adress.
    * All your favourite News apps.

    Wake up at 7:00, everything will be loaded and you’ll be ready to begin your day ! Program your applications to suit your needs. Create shortcuts in the Palm application launcher to launch easily multiple applications at once ! Multiple App Launcher (MAL) will enhance your WebOS experience. Stack Features will come with WebOS 2.0

    Change log :

    Update 1.7.1 - 1.7.3 : bug fix

    Update 1.7.0 :

    * Setup your twitter account and Multiple App LAuncher will instantly update your status (“Now launching : Bad Kitty, Precentral News, …”) everytime you launch an app group

    Update 1.6.3 :

    * Govnah Support (Quick Actions) using Homebrew Gate. Set up CPU frequency when an app group starts (at a set time for exemple). Help for setup here
    * Neato support (Quick Actions)
    * Phone call support (Quick Actions)
    * Bug fix when adding new app.
    * Precentral Forums launch should work fine now.

    Update 1.6.1 :

    * Fixed textfield bug with WebOS 2.0.1 devices
    * Updated app list
    * Minor fix

    Update 1.6.0 :

    * New Gorgeous UI,
    * Compact mode to see more groups on the screen.

    Update 1.5.3 :

    * Neato Support for Quick Action : Check this video :
    * Fixed Forums Quick Action
    * Bug fix

    Update 1.5.2 :

    * New dashboard for alarms and palm launcher shortcuts.
    * New Quick actions (Forums for example)
    * Improved alarm system (still in beta). User can now choose repeat interval between alarms
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    version 0.1.0 is now available in beta feeds....
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    cool thanks for that. Now when I figure out which ones I want to open up together, i'll check it out!
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    I'm really glad that someone is already on top of this. Thanks!

    It'd be cool if you could create subsections within the app. So instead of one big list of apps you could have several different lists, each able to be launched into different stacks.

    Also if launcher icons could be made for each list that would be suuuuuuuper awesome.
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    well, we have the same ideas, that's features I'm going to add !
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    Cool app. An idea, if possible you could choose to load all apps or just on or the other and place shortcuts it would be like Category folders on Android and iOS.
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    nice. I'm going to see how to do that.... thanks for your comments.
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    For some reason I'm not able to find this app in the beta feed.... was it removed, or am I just totally retarted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    Hi !

    Multiple App Launcher lets you launch several apps at once. Add your apps to the list, and choose to launch all apps in a stack or seperate.

    Create app list with facebook, twitter client, games, whatever !

    This app is available in beta version 0.1.0 : Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    This is just a first rough version, many updates are coming !

    Awesome, It's so nice to read something that brings a smile to my face.

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    Found that one, but can't find it in Preware or App Scoop - don't those access all the apps in the beta feed?
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    well it's not available in feeds at this moment because it's only the first version...

    but you can download it with the link above
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    Tried it & it didn't work...
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    I'll put it in feeds when I'll be in front of my computer.
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    Great app... Can you add the palm apps... ie messaging .. Email... Web

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    I have already plan to add palm apps, beta and web distribution feeds.
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    It would be great if you could make the app load itself when the phone boots up and then automatically opens the apps you want. Also, it would be cool if you could somehow make the apps save state, so that when they are opened, you'd be where you left off.
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    somehow make the apps save state
    I'm not sure I can save other apps state, this isn't allowed by SDK
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    some screenshots of the next version running on a palm pre plus 1.4.5

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