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    Major changes in UI for next versions : take a look to the following screen shots...

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    new version 0.6.0 available in the app catalog !!! Feedback on the new UI ?
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    looks nice, i like it.
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    Wow - I just became aware of this app now that the thread has been bumped. The new UI looks wonderful!

    I've been searching the thread but am currently only back to page 3. Will this run on 2.0.1?
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    hi. Yes it runs on webos 2.0 but doesn't stack cards at this moment.
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    Confirm you fixed the input text bug on webOS with your update that landed today! Thx so much man!
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    Thanks for feedback ! I was a really weird bug from Palm SDK, but I finally find a way to solve the problem...
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    Hi Boucles0, I've noticed in this webOS 2.1 that the Quick Action for forums to open up PreCentral isn't working correctly. It is just opening up forums with a blank page with nothing on it. This could be a bug with forums - tapatalk in 2.1 or a palm bug too, so not sure, just wanted to report my findings..

    Update: Funny, it's done that several times but it just worked correctly this time around, so apparently its inconsistent..
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    forums behavior is sometime weird indeed. Now it's not working for me... I'll talk to the dev.

    thanks for feedback !
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    You know what would be super awesome, would be if you could launch apps together into a stack! I'm sure thats not something Palm has given the ability to do or even if they have, that the NDA doesn't allow for talking about it, but I just had to throw it out there, I'd love it if that could be accomplished..
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    well, Palm doesn't provide any API to stack cards. However, I'm working on a code that could stack cards using activate & desactivate scenes. it's at this moment not working very well...

    It would be easier with a Palm API
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    Update 1.6.3 :

    * Govnah Support (Quick Actions) using Homebrew Gate. Set up CPU frequency when an app group starts (at a set time for exemple). Help for setup here
    * Neato support (Quick Actions)
    * Phone call support (Quick Actions)
    * Bug fix when adding new app.
    * Precentral Forums launch should work fine now.
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    This looks awesome - thanks!
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    Is there anyway you can make it so our setup alarm times don't delete themselves completely when you turn them off? In otherwords, I'd like to turn them off some days but not have to re-create the times and all everytime I want to turn them back on again.. Want to use it much like an alarm app where you have a set template that you either turn off or on but don't delete.. Thanks.
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    I think I can do it. I'll save in a cookie the time selected in timepickers.

    This morning (under the shower) I tought about a new feature. Would it be interesting to send a tweet to user's twitter account when a group is fired ? For exemple :

    Starting "Morning" group : Bad kitty, Precentral News, .... with Multiple App Launcher

    anyone interested ?
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    Submitted today to the app catalog : Update 1.7.0 : What's new ?

    * Setup your twitter account and Multiple App LAuncher will instantly update your status ("Now launching : Bad Kitty, Precentral News, ...") everytime you launch an app group
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    looks like a cool app.
    I wonder if it is possible to start a command line program?
    I think here of an OpenVPN instance, since I need it for some of the E-Mail servers I connect to. Then I could do it in one tap.

    Alternatively is there an option to use the VPN Connections within the Pre (Cisco, etc.)? Just in case that some Homebrew developer ever picks up the task of doing an OpenVPN integration. :-)

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    Hi, I'll investage this but I'm quite sure palm doesn't provide api for vpn. I'll let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    Submitted today to the app catalog : Update 1.7.0 : What's new ?

    * Setup your twitter account and Multiple App LAuncher will instantly update your status ("Now launching : Bad Kitty, Precentral News, ...") everytime you launch an app group
    When I try to download I get a message saying 'This application is not available for your model'. I've got a Pre2 running 2.1...will you be updating soon so it can install/run on 2.1 devices?
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    There was a bug in the app catalog, MAL is available for all now.
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