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    Hey guys,

    this is my first app for webOS. So I started with this small project.
    The app Mensa KL provides informations about the cafeteria menu of the TU Kaiserslautern. You can look forward and backward to the next or previous days. If you want to have a good idea what informations are provided by this app look at "Mensa 2.0 - TU Kaiserslautern" webpage and you get a nice overview.

    I am sorry for omitting pictures and links in the description, but i have not done more then five posts in this forum yet, but they will come soon

    This app is licensed unter the MIT Open Source license


    - added food type clam

    - fixed bug of about popup
    - new reload button

    - the whole offering of the cafeteria is shown
    - the ratings of is displayed
    - it is shown what kind of food is offered (for example: pork, chicken, ..)
    - you can get switch the day on which you want to know what is offered in the cafeteria
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