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    This is an upcoming release on (once approved) on the App Catalog, and this website.

    It's a free SMS utility for the palm, currently UK only, but hopefully I look to expand upon that.

    Our company offers an affiliate/partner program, so If you'd be interested in working with us on this project, I can explain how our revenue share works - email me privately for this.

    Full source code is available here:
    (Search for "Palm ARES FREESMSUK" in google)

    Plus, you can check out my experience developing this app on my blog;
    (Search for "palm ares networkprogramming" in google)
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    Why would people want to pay 5 to read a text message? This application is absurd, I'd just stop development now.

    99% of people are on unlimited text plans. Infact, O2 just started an unlimited-text plan that costs only 5 per month (the same cost for one text on this silly freebiesms service).
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    I wish I read this thread before I downloaded the app and tried to send a "free sms" to my sister in UK. Good thing she didn't choose to "buy the message", because that would've made me feel guilty.
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    a version for all countries would be great..

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