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    this app is amazing. Is the developer plannng any major updates? My biggest wish I'd that it would let me open links wiithout havng to first use the 'open in browser' menu. Some links within precentral work, some don't. Links outside of PC (like youtube) never do. And I would also like to see a "gesture tap" to upen a link in a new card.

    I've decided this ap is one of the best kept secrets in the catalog.
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    I'd love to see an update with Exhibition support so when my phone sits on the touchstone, it'll keep an updated refreshed list of the latest Precentral news articles on my screen.
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    nice idea ! I've played with exhibition later today. And it would a nice feature !
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    Submitted Update 0.8.0 : Add Lithium Messenger & Notes export, updated forum navigation
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    how come webos round up has an app but precentral doesn't? And no the mobile site only works 25% of the time
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    Does the new update fix the bug where pressing on a link doesn't do anything?
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    no, There's no way to solve the problem.
    There's a patch that lets you hold a link in ANY app and it shows "Open in new card" in a context menu. Can you implement that patch into your app?
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    Have stopped using this app because it doesn't open up links at all. This is a big nono for me. Its a must. Please update
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    no, There's no way to solve the problem.
    Bummer...does this relate to the wrapper interface you are using to encapsulate Precentral inside your interface. Heck with it, I'm pretty certain it is too complicated for my programming knowledge, but would love to hear about it anyways so that other people more knowledgeable can chime in a help if they can. Exhibition would also be cool...

    Either way, still love the app and when I need a to click on a link, I click the right tools menu at the bottom and open in a new browser. This is still quicker then using webOS's default web browser. Sorli...
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    I made a little video of Precentral News on youtube :
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    hey, I'm using your app and whenever there is a link to click in the forums, it won't work. It looks like a link and even highlights briefly when clicking it but nothing actually happens. Nothing opens. I'm running 2.1 on my Sprint Pre but this was always an issue even in 1.4.5.
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    boucles0, can you please explain to us in programming jargon why links won't work in your app? Then afterwards we may be able to give suggestions for workarounds.

    Also, can you update the app so it opens pages in the user-defined default browser (Universe), not the stock browser?
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    Already asked the question here, but didn't find any answers :
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    Is this app no longer working? Mine on my Sprint Pre will sometimes load but even when it does, it will only render half of the Precentral page and the rest of it will be the checkerboard scramble. This behavior is both on wifi and with my EVDO connection. All my regular web pages with other apps or just straight up websites render perfectly w/o checkerboards.

    If hit refresh, the status meter doesn't reflect the % completed shown and the same behavior returns. It's been sporadic as of late.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    that usually indicates performance problems on the predentral site.
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    this problem is that on my phones (Palm pre plus, palm pixi and palm pre 2), Precentral News is working Perfectly !!!

    I don't know what's wrong ???
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    Anyone else unable to install the latest Unofficial Precentral app - App Catalog reports unsupported device.

    I recently had to rebuild and reinstall of webOS 2.1 on my Sprint Pre-, but I was able to redownload and install all my original apps. I guess this is a problem with the new App Catalog not allowing reinstalls of previous applications and not either a Pre2, Veer, or Touchpad device???

    Any info or help would be appreciated or for that matter and direct link to download the installer via Preware or webOSQuickinstall. Thanks, Sorli....
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    Does anyone have a App ID for the Precentral App (unofficial)?

    Not the App/Icon that just loads the website, but the Precentral App that has the enhanced interface and works seamlessly with mobile and otherwise.

    Thanks, Sorli...

    UPDATE: Thanks webOS Internals and Impostah that fixed my problems and I was able to redownload and install Precentral News (unofficial) now that the App Catalog was blocking it and nolonger allowing it to be installed.
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