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    I'm not sure I understand, are you saying you want to access the videos over a mobile GPRS connection?
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    Thanks for the response. I am on Sprint and when I am away from my home or at another wifi location I would still like to acess my videos with Premote. Similiar to what ampache does they allow the connections via local wifi or over the Sprint network. I have a dyndns account that I have linked to my home computer and I can point that to my home computer. If it isn't possible I understand just thought that it would be cool.

    Off topic but I don't see a thread for Pupil. Is there a way you can make a grade book for teachers to use? I have several teachers that have Pre's and if there was a gradebook app geared towards teachers I think it would be used. I see the two for students.
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    As long as you have port forwarding set up that shouldn't be a problem. No sure about dyndns but presumably, as long as it's pointed at your home router and requesting on the correct port it shouldn't be a problem. If not, try using your routers ip instead of your dns.

    I have tested this myself at a friends house and I was able to stream but the video was jittery with completely garbled sound when using optimum settings.
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    I don't see how to put my dyndns server address in anywhere. If the Premote server box had the option to type in the address I could see how it would work unless I am thinking wrong are you saying on the Pre if i type in my dyndns server it would still hit my home computer? Let me give that a try.

    I added to my pre server address and it just says loading directory. Am I missing something? I can type the same address in ampache and I can hit my ampache server.
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    On other videos I can minimize the and they continue to play, when I minimize videos using Premote I immediately get a popup saying error playing file. Can you help me configure so I can access via the mobile network as well? Thanks it works great via wifi.
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    hmm no I don't think it will but give it a try anyway. I'm fairly certain that the DNS would have to be converted to the IP, which currently I don't think it will.

    Let me know how it goes.

    EDIT: on second thoughts, it's the ajax on the client side that will work out where to send the request so I think it should work.
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    I determined it is a xampp security setting. I figured out how to disable that but now when I type in my dyndns address it takes me to xampp index page for my computer. I am trying to figure out how to fix that. What port does Premote access?
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    Connection: If youíre accessing the server from an external IP, you will need to forward ports 5544 (TCP) and 5548 (TCP) to your serverís IP address. You may also need to open them on some internal networks depending on how strict they are.
    I wouldn't know how to configure xampp to allow it through. Good luck though and do post back if you work it out.
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    Sitting here for hours now trying to stream from PC -> Palm. No Picture on the handheld. Hope it'll fix my Problem with the video.
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    the path need to be
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC
    on 64 bit windows installs
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    Doesn't look like Premote is available in the App store or Preware. Has it been pulled or is it somewhere else?


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    Sorry it never saw a release on either. Download links are in the first post. If they're broken PM me and I'll send you some updated links.
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    Just started playing around with this on the Touchpad. Pretty amazing app, especially since I haven't been able to find anything else that streams video. The only problem is I can't get audio to work. I've played a variety of different file types and video is great, there's just no audio. Any ideas what the problem could be?

    FLAC files will not play, the only audio I can get is some garbled bits and pieces of mid-grade mp3's.
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    Very cool app! Would be nice if the bitrate setting allow higher ones for use on the HP touchpad. I also have the same problem with audio.
    I hope you still have time work on this unique application
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    Wow, I'm astonished people are still using this! I'm afraid that I haven't supported it for a long time. The only tip I can give is that VLC is entirely responsible for the transcoding part so maybe getting a newer version might help with some formats.

    This was a fun project but it's also riddled with issues as a result of the strange software combination (webOS, VLC, C# server). Also I believe KalemSoft Video Player for the TouchPad has similar capabilities although I can't vouch for the quality of the app as I haven't tried it.

    I'd be happy to hand over the source (if I can find it..) to someone with enough time to work on it - C# and webOS development experience would be a necessity. for anyone who's interested.
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    I would be willing to take this over. I have experience with all of the necessary prerequisites and tools.

    My main focus would be the Touchpad and Windows7. I also would like to see if VLC on OSX could be used as a server.

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    I should have posted back earlier: shortly after making that comment I looked around for the source code for the server and it's gone missing. You can obtain the source for the client app by extracting it from the ipk file.

    I'd suggest using .NET reflector on the executable to look at the source for the server. If I find the original source in the future I will post it here or on GitHub
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    Couldn't Beleive after all that searching finally i found one.....loved the work, please continue your development on this one.

    Had issues but still its the best one afterall it played so well, rest all just rock and roll your mind and ultimately you reach hell dancing...

    Anyway....loved this , will definitely support it and eagerly waiting for updates for the same.
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