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    Hey guys

    I found out that on Web OS quick install(if you dont have it, get it NOW! its a better and simpler alternative to rooting your pre, just type in Webos quick install v3.14 into google and click the first link which is a post on pre central about quick install)

    So, in Web OS quick install, if you go into Tools>Tweaks>Online Repository, it brings up LOTS of popular or new homebrew apps, palm apps, an patches! The reason why i posted this is because if you dont have 3g or free wifi on your phone, you can just download and install cool new and popular stuff in preware from your computer! its great!
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    Being there...done that. Thanks for the tip though. Someone will find this important.
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    Thank You for that informative tip. However, webosQI has been around for a long time. ^_^
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    Am I right in saying that Preware uses a safer method than WOSQI when installing apps/patches? That is, removal is more reliable when it was installed from Preware?
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    webOS Quick Install

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