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    Nice, but I think there aren't many differences between this and Internalz' file editor, am I right?
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    Yes currently they are fairly similar. Pretext is just marginally quicker (takes you straight to the editor so you can write/save quickly). Also there's a couple of font options for those who have a preferred fixed-width font. Sadly WebOS only comes with two fixed-width fonts.
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    Thank you.. I like it.. I never got used to edit text with internalz. This is more comfortable for me!
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    Are there any plans for a 'Touchpad' sized version of Pretext - maybe "TouchText"?
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    lol every time I pop my head into these forums, someone is reviving one of my dead homebrew threads :-P

    I actually asked for Pretext to be removed from the precentral homebrew section a while back :-\ If any moderators are reading, please remove it as I don't think it's compatible with FileMgr any more...

    My app Gemini File Manager on the TouchPad has a very basic text editor built in. I may consider another homebrew editor in the future. For now I believe there's one called ThinEditor in the app catalog although I don't know if it's any good.
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