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    I am a new Homebrew developer. What programs do I use to make the apps? I have the Palm Emulator and the SDK and all the stuff that they give you from their website, is there something that you need to have in order to create Homebrew apps, or is it all that stuff? And how do I create them.. Meaning, what do I use. Do I use Ares?

    I know this sounds kind of newbie, but I am to webOS app making
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    You can either use Ares or install Eclipse and develop with that. Go to the Palm Developer site and follow the tutorials for creating your first applications. They have two that you can do, one in Eclipse and one in Ares.
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    I am using the Ares tutorial right now, it is pretty straight forward..
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    How come I have homebrew access, but it doesn't say that I am a homebrew person?

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