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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordbane View Post
    Searches from Ampache and are not supposed to stay local on the device?
    The artist import is meant to suck in your list of artists, let you edit them and permanently save those edits to the app settings. So they should be there the next time you start the app.
    When you re-import again from the same source it'll wipe out any existing artists for that source and rebuild the list... this is something the app maybe needs to warn the user about first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mordbane View Post
    Not a big deal, but would be cool to be able to create a custom list. I have a lot of artists in my ampache database, but not neccessarily interested in new releases from all of them.
    Saving and tweaking your imported artists is what's *meant* to be happening. So, if you're not seeing your imported artists saved between app launches, we got a problem. Can you please confirm that your imported artists show up in the "Edit Artists" list in preferences after relaunching NMT?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mordbane View Post
    Also, I'm running into issues when I move the searches up to 300 albums. The program becomes unresponsive and I have to close and restart.
    Hmmm... I'm happily running searches with each search maxed out at 300 albums each. About the only big difference I can see is that you have roughly 2.5 times the number of artists that I do... and I thought I had a lot Where are you seeing NMT getting stuck? After a single search? After searching all? Do you get as far as seeing the search results scene? The main part of the work happens just before the results screen gets displayed. So there may be something in there (possibly an artist name that I'm not handling right) causing a lock-up.

    Alternatively, if I left the debug logging code in place (I'll smack myself if I did!) that would certainly make NMT run a lot slower. If you're able to access your device log (/var/log/messages) then please run a search in NMT then take a look (from the bottom up) in your log for lines containing "com.palm.nelsun.newmusictracker: Error:". You shouldn't be seeing any of these. You may well see some lines with "com.palm.nelsun.newmusictracker: Uncaught TypeError: " but these are down to the webOS audio code and are to be expected.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mordbane View Post
    Apps off to a great start. Only other idea I have is to be able to search for similar artists to what's in your artist database. I thought about genres too, but genre's are so broad and similar artists as defined by amazon or are generally way off in some cases.
    I've started taking a look at what the API can do in relation to related artists. It's still very early days yet so I've no real idea whether it's of any use or not. But I hear ya on the genres front... I've yet to find any music service that handles genres in a way I won't tut at
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    Looks like the app is keeping my modified artist list. Now I need to go through my 1900 and shave it down to probably 1500. There are those embarrassing musical phases that I've been in that I will never tread again (Celtic Chant, J-Pop, etc).

    I'll have to try to crank up the searches again to see if I get the same behavior. I might have had something running in the background the last time I tried to search 300 from each source.

    Nonetheless, I'm loving the app. Its great turning on my Pre and getting notifications of CDs that are going to be released on Tuesday. Saves me the time of looking through the list of new releases or worst overlooking something. Plus its great to be able to add to the list as I find new artists I enjoy or seem interesting.

    One more suggestion: is there anyway to mark searched results as "read"? Does the app consider a certain date range to be a "new release"? Or how about an option for setting the date range that the app will search for new releases? In my searches I get results from previously months. But I'm not sure if the app results are based on CD release date or the date it actually shows up on Amazon or iTunes.
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    I've done more testing with maxed out searches and just over 1500 artists. With my logging enabled webOS would terminate my code after 20 seconds or so. Possibly due to it thinking there were bucket loads of error being logged by the app... IDK. so I'd certainly see the app appearing to lock up / freeze under those conditions. With the logging turned off it was happy as maybe that was the cause... Let's see in the next version!

    Speaking of the next version if you like turning on your Pre and getting notifications you hopefully like the option to perform automatic checking on your chosen schedule. It all works from the notification bar to be as unobtrusive as possible. There's more in there but I'm having to wait for to even acknowledge my licensing request before I can release it I may just comment out the new stuff if I can't get anything back from them.

    I've thought about marking albums as read once they've appeared the first time. It would work in the short term but, after a period you'd end up with a lot of storage being used up to keep track of what's already been seen. This wouldn't be so much of an issue if albums appearing in searches with release date of years and years ago. So, to keep things simple for both me and users it'll likely stay the way it is - at least for now.

    The date range is a good idea. I'll mull it over and see what I can come up with. If you're only interested in actual new releases then I'd suggest turning off the iTunes Newly Added search and limiting the number of result in the Amazon search. You can do all this from preferences. the iTunes Newly Added search brings in albums that have just been added to the iTunes store. These can quite often be re-releases of albums for years gone by so turning that one off cuts down on a lot of not really real new releases. Amazon only provide things they have for sale so it doesn't include albums that are due for future release - only what's available now. So cutting down on the number of albums pulled in will get you only the most recent releases. 50-100 should be a good number but it does depend on just how busy the Amazon store has been adding new stuff in.

    The release date you see are meant to be the date the album was first released. It does vary depending on the search and what data each store returns (it's not always the same in iTunes) so don't take the dates as gospel
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    0.7.0 is now in the Preware feed. Details and changelog in the first post. There's quite a lot gone in - hence the version number bump.
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    Great! Can't wait to check it out. App catalog version still coming in October?
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    It'll not be in the app catalog until webOS 2.0 makes accessing the media indexer an OK thing to do The discography stuff in the app may well make it in to the catalog before then though since it doesn't use anything Palm will slap me for
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    Just had word from _someone_ about _something_. The next release will have a nice new feature!
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    Just posted 0.7.2 to the P|C feed so it should appear shortly. The main update for this version is adding 7Digital as another source of new releases. Many thanks go to the folk at 7Digital for this!

    On a slightly related note I've just published another app to the Palm beta (i.e. it's free for now) feed.

    Discography is the first (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $Discogs$.$com$ $client$ $for$ $webOS$. $It$ $lets$ $you$ $get$ $at$ $and$ $search$ $their$ $massive$ $database$ $for$ $bucket$ $loads$ $of$ $info$ $on$ $artists$, $releases$ $and$ $record$ $labels$. $Those$ $of$ $you$ $with$ $either$ $the$ $AmazonMP3$ $or$ Spotify (which is great BTW!) apps should definitely check it out as it makes discovering old and new music from your device very easy indeed. Anyone who feels inclined to try out Discography and leave a good review for it will naturally live a long, happy and prosperous life
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