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    cool I love that movie I haven't seen it in ages though thanks
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    thanks for this it's awesome! 2 things I noticed's "fairy godmother" and "fat body"
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    Got an error installing. Bummer. would've been fun...

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    The clips are quite low in volume, even with my volume turned all the way up.
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    with the new update i got a blank icon in the launcher. when i deleted it and redownloaded i got the crescent moon icon. anybody else?
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    I also have the issue with the blank icon. For a future update could you add the clips "Bull**** I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose" and some clips from Pyle on the obstacle course. Those would round this out for an awesome soundboard!
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    this is a nice app for FMJ fans. Last Sat. I was a little upset about the vol. Level, but the update today may have fixed that. Will see next time a bbq happens. Anyhow, where is the line about Mrs. Rotten crotch???
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    Quote Originally Posted by compuseum View Post
    I already ramped them up 6db from the original source. I'll try to make them a bit louder for the next update.
    I would probably bump them up a bit higher.

    Also, the one labeled "I Think You've Been Cheatet" ... Should that be Cheated?
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    I was hoping for some clips from the obstacle course action of the movie , could those be added, they are some of my favorite ones.

    the fat, slimy, ugly, walrus one makes me LOL everytime...

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    Well i uninstalled it again and redownloaded it again and the icon is still them moon. did you luna restart or anything between trying? didnt think you would need to but just wondering.
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    The latest upgrade changed the icon from the FMJ logo to the moon icon.
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    I normally stay away from sounds board apps, but couldn't pass this one up!

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    So, what ever happened to this app? I can't find it in preware or the app catalog?

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