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    DateCalculator is a simple app that will allow the user to add and subtract from date and time values.


    • Find & Remind: Calculate which date it would be N days from the chosen date. Also allows you to set reminders for that particular date. Helps you answer questions like "What is the 500th day since our wedding?"
    • Find Interval: Find the interval between two dates and/or time (Helps you answer questions like "How many days of vacation are left?").

    Current version: 0.9.0

    The app is released under LGPL. The source code of the app is hosted at Google Code

    Known Issues:
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    How do you input two dates to determine the number of days between them? This option does not appear anywhere.
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    Click on the 'Find Interval' button in the panel, that should open a scene where you can enter two dates and find the interval.

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    The app is now listed in the Homebrew section under the Clocks and Timers category. Please let me know what you like/dislike about it.

    Thanks guys!

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