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    I don't use it but I have installed it.
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    I do use it, in portrait mode only, and as much as possible! It is not easy to use and I make lots of mistakes.

    I've had my Pre + for only a few months, but I'm concerned about the longevity of the slider. So I'm hoping self-forced usage of the VKB will help reduce mechanical wear on the phone.

    I hope Keyboss makes it out of beta testing to make the VBK more useful.
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    I'll have to check out Keyboss...see what's up with VKB development/improvements. I've not been keeping up.

    I use VKB infrequently. I just tried it, and it is somewhat problematic with messaging...covers up what I'm writing after it scrolls to the second line of text. Symbols didn't render correctly...saw a row of numbers pop up as a bottom row, but it covered the only typing row i could see making it hard to type...and the number row seemed truncated... I think i'll start experimenting with the vkb....see how it behaves in other apps and data fields.
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    I have it but never use it. It's just too "laggy" and "buggy". Not worth the effort.
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