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    I think having a real keyboard and a virtual keyboard is great! Every phone should have both if it can fit. They are both very useful in different situations. For example, when I need to focus on something else (like if I'm driving) I know it's not safe to text and drive at the same time, but I would much rather have a hard keyboard where I don't even have to look and can do it with one hand, than having to look down everytime to see where the next key is. But if I'm not doing anything I can type with out opening and closing the keyboard, and it won't wear out my slider over time. Or if I drop my pre with the slider open I won't risk my pre cracking or having the keyboard break off. (I drop my phone alot thanks Zagg!) yeah the virtual keyboard isn't as nice as other phones, but my brother has a hero and it takes him forever to write a text when he is doing something. I didn't like the virtual keyboard at first because I never used one before and I kept messing up, but like other things, the more you use it the better you get! Overall, I'm happy I have both!!! Thank you to all the Devs out there!!!
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    I've only used it on rare occasions but I do keep it around. I find typing on the hardware keyboard to just be more natural. I could never get used to touch sceen typing lol.
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    Removed patch within days of trying it. Dont need it dont like it.
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    I use mine 50/50 (i also have a pre on verizon, i have had No issues with Homebrew, its super amazing and I love love love it!), it was hard to get use to at first, but i enjoy not always having to slide open my phone (i know that sounds lazy but oh well!) i had a dare for along time, well i should say many many many dares but i loved to have the touch keypad. So i say yes got for it and give it a fair chance!
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    I've gone through and loaded and removed (directory files as well) the VK a few times now. When I load it, it loads smoothly with no errors but I still cannot get the keyboard to start. I've got a PrePlus on Verizon. Any advise on what I'm doing wrong? I've gone through all of the troubleshooting threads and still have not been able to get this working. Thanks.
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    I never use it, no need for it since there's a physical keyboard that's already there and virtual keyboards are as a rule terrible.
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    I use it occasionally (a little more often since backspace and enter were fixed for the web). The physical KB was one of the main selling points for me, and that's what I normally use just by preference, but it is convenient having VKB available, especially for when I want to type and be in a landscape view at the same time (certain web pages, mostly). I find there is a little lag when typing, but not enough to really inconvenience me the way I use it. I also notice that lag goes away almost completely when I'm in an app where the haptic feedback doesn't work, but I do prefer the feedback with a virtual KB, so I can live with it.

    Realistically, VKB is a kludge. That's nothing against the developer, it's what he was forced to do to make it work the way it should because of the way Palm put things together. If I understand correctly, VKB uses the keyboard included in WebKit that Palm left in there but didn't do anything with.

    Hopefully, WebOS 2.0 will have a native VKB enabled, or at least more easily enabled by homebrewers. This seems pretty likely since they appear to be planning on future devices without a physical KB.
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    I have used it once or twice. It is still installed, but I really like the hardware keyboard on the Pre+
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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder View Post
    I have used it once or twice. It is still installed, but I really like the hardware keyboard on the Pre+
    Same here!
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    With a good enough full QUERTY k-pad I Dont Prefer to use it.
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    With a good enough full QUERTY k-pad I Dont Prefer to use it.

    and Moreverr it was more painfull than the regular one
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    I probably would use it more in landscape situations. But I couldn't get past the 'backspace' issue, so I took it off..
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    if you use keyboss and uinput the backspace works. it's still sometimes buggy, i only really use it when in landscape mode but almost never.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mhunterjr View Post
    I probably would use it more in landscape situations. But I couldn't get past the 'backspace' issue, so I took it off..
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    Personally I've used it a few times while in landscape mode when I felt like it. Overall though, even if some people may not prefer it, I think it's absolutely fantastic that we have the option and ability of having it.

    Case in point...My better half was on a crucial business trip to NYC and while stepping off the train at Penn Station she gets accidentally shoved, causing her to drop her Pre. It proceeded to tumble down the stairs and then down into the tracks on the other side of the platform. Needless to say, the keyboard on her wet and battered Pre was no-go, but the little guy was still in-tact and otherwise working. She was able to call me from a cab and I quickly walked her through downloading the virtual keyboard from preware, as well as the landscape messaging and landscape email patches. She was back in action and still able to successfully use the phone that way for the next week until she got home to arrange for a replacement. It was an absolute lifesaver for her business-wise, and for me, safety-wise, restoring a great deal of peace-of-mind.
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    Wait...the PrPrPr $has$ $a$ $physical$ $keyboard$!? $I$'$ve$ $forgot$ $about$ $that$!
    I always use the VK -love it.

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    i never use it coz ther is a great delay using the VK..does anyone hv an instant response from the VK?
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    i haven't been able to get my virtual keyboard to work then i try to get the repair for the webosdoctor and can't get it to download the repair link to try because i don't have 10 posts and i just got the phone the other day (Palm Pre+) and started using this forum the other night. So i used the doctor and reset my phone. I could not get my Flashlight to toggle on either.
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    i also tried using the RemoteWin but the file to open on the pc to configure, it stops responding and closes out and windows never finds a solution
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    i bought a palm pixi because of the keypad. i hate all these virtual keyboards. i need the feel of a real button. i tried once the keyboard of and 3gs and it was ok, but i felt like a monkey tipping on glas.


    i hope there will be a pixi 2 with same resolution as the pre2, so that all apps are for all palms
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    I use it a lot since i have larger fingers, in landscape mode. I mistype more with the standard slide-out keyboard. I just have the basic app installed, never could find keyboss or some of the other patches to make it better. I think it's pretty good other than loosing auto correct feature in the on-screen mode.
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