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    Just removed. Can't type with it.
    My fault though, not the dev's.
    Looks so nice I just imagined I needed it.
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    i used it to type this post
    first time it was used in months
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    Have it installed, rarely use it.
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    That is just one of the reasons to Homebrew. Check out the Homebrew article.

    In particular, check out Music Player (Remix). The stock webOS Music Player lacks the features we have had since 2003. Really. The stock webOS Music Player has to be the absolute worst music player for any smart phone. That one horrible app made people question whether Palm could be a contender.

    - Craig
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    I use in whenever I'm working in landscape mode to do email (patch), txt'ing (patch) or web browsing. If I happen to mistype while browsing the web then I flip it around and use the physical keyboard (since bksp doesn't work in browser). I also use it often when in quiet places like class, meetings or church to avoid the clicking from opening and closing the physical keyboard.

    However, another downside of the current virtual keyboard is the inability to use option+touch.
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    I have it but use it rarely.
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    I tried it, and didn't like it. Too buggy...
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    Why use a virtual when you can have the real thing?
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    When used with the f105 kernel it works flawlessly and even at 800 its pretty smooth. I find that its pretty much useless if your phone is not overclocked though. I find that the best keyboard themes for me are the default and easyz glossy theme. I wrote this entire reply using the VK.
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    Its biggest limitation now is the Pre's screen size.
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    I thought I would use the keyboard but do not. Having said that there are quite a few patches and programs from homebrew I could not do without.

    homebrew rocks.
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    I use it often in landscape mode, the positioning could be better but I like it for what it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanucme View Post
    I use it often in landscape mode, the positioning could be better but I like it for what it does.
    You can reposition it by tapping on the finger symbol. Some themes have it mapped to a different button though. But seriously, this is an awesome patch if your phone is overclocked and used with a keyboard theme that you're comfortable with. I actually think it works better than the keyboard on my brother in laws Hero.

    There are only three things holding it back from being perfect:

    1. Screensize
    2. No spellcheck or autocapping
    3. Delete button does not work while in online mode
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    I have it, but rarely use b/c I forget it's there. Physical keyboard is one of the reasons why I got the Pre.
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    I still use the hardpad but honestly find the buttons to be too small. The VK's buttons are bigger which is another point in its favor. I know some people like the hardpad but I don't care for the feel of it. Although the physical keyboard was a major selling point for me I just don't care for the ergonomics of it. I actually type faster on the VK than I do on the physical (in landscape). I honestly didn't start using the VK until the f105 kernel. Its made a world of difference.
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    I can't even get it to open on my Pre Plus
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    i use it weekly, when im at a stop light or stuck in traffic. I dont find it that hard to type on or buggy. It just takes a quick second for it to pop up and then im off.
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    never use it. The problem is the keyboard isn't integrated with the system so it's very awkward in function. Backspace doesn't work in the browser. No auto correct. Pre's non-glass touch response isn't very accurate. Seriously, the virtual keyboard is a novelty, at best, right now. Palm just needs to work on integrating a real virtual keyboard w/ autocorrect features.
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    Sometimes. Usually for searches or short messages. Not perfect, but good.
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